About Us

About Us

Read our reviews and comparisons to find out which sites are best for buying, trading and selling cryptocurrencies. When preparing our reviews, we evaluate all the most necessary and important factors for users.

Cryptonica.news is a site about cryptocurrencies for beginners. Our professional editorial staff writes about cryptocurrencies in a way that is understandable to investors and traders who are just starting their financial journey. Our writers, editors and reviewers are cryptocurrency experts working in countries ranging from Canada to Australia. We work for an international audience in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish and Russian. We publish news, analytics, How-to's, useful Guides and tops that help you easily navigate the crypto world.


Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies as easy to understand as possible around the world.

The vision of Cryptonica is to make content about cryptocurrencies in most languages around the world so that as many people as possible understand how they work and make informed investment decisions.

What do we want to bring to the cryptocurrency market? We see a problem - the cryptocurrency market is difficult to understand, so millions of people are afraid to use them, although they would like to, and others are already using them, but may lose money because they have not received sufficient information in a simple and convenient form.

What is our first priority? To solve the problem described above, our professional team of writers, editors and reviewers produce high-quality content adapted for beginners: we write in simple language, give clear instructions and provide our texts with clear visuals for better comprehension.

Cryptonica Team

Why will users of our site get quality content that will definitely help them in making their own investment decisions?

We are experts in the cryptocurrency industry with extensive experience in various international newsrooms. We are thorough and careful in sourcing information and adhere to the best standards of journalism. Our lead editors have over 10 years of experience working on major investment content projects. Most of our writers are cryptocurrency investors themselves and active participants in this community, which allows them to write expert articles with deep dive, clear instructions and ratings of various products.

We carefully select our employees and value in them such qualities as professionalism, extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry in terms of content creation, journalistic ethics and adherence to the world's best standards of article creation. We also value active and constantly learning employees, because we work in the IT sphere, and we try to offer our employees new opportunities to learn and develop their skills.

We are a truly global content project about cryptocurrencies! Among our partners we would like to emphasize such leading cryptocurrency exchanges as Binance. Contact us for a profitable partnership!