Bitrue is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange and financial platform that offers numerous opportunities to earn interest through staking and investment programs, as well as sophisticated trading capabilities.

Company Stats

Foundation date 2018
Headquarter  Singapore
CEO Curtis Wang
Trading volume  $1,8 billion


Bitrue is suitable for intermediate to advanced cryptocurrency users looking for active trading, futures, lending, and high yields for staking. The exchange allows trading over 200 different cryptocurrencies at market prices with reasonable exchange fees. 

Newer users can easily buy and sell supported cryptocurrencies with the simple purchase form. However, the site is geared towards experienced crypto or active trading markets users. Bitrue supports several hundred coins on its platform, including Bitrue Coin (BTR). Popular currencies traded on Bitrue by volume include Bitcoin (BTC), XRP (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), and TRON (TRX).

Bitrue's trading experience is easy to use with a simple trading form to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with a bank account. The platform also offers an active trading platform with advanced charts, depth charts, recent trades, outstanding orders, and a quick trading form. Only market and limit order types are supported. The futures trading platform is similar but is a different product and not suitable for beginner investors. Bitrue's main exchange is centralized, but other services on the platform rely on decentralized finance (DeFi) technologies.

Fees at Bitrue are competitive, and if you hold Bitrue Coin, you get a 30% discount on trading costs. Bitrue charges withdrawal fees for sending cryptocurrency to another exchange or wallet, but fiat withdrawals to your bank account are free. Bitrue currently employs strong security practices, including two-factor authentication, cold wallet storage for customer assets, account lockouts, and emailed safety codes in every communication from Bitrue. Bitrue has a dedicated insurance fund of 38 million XRP and 40 million BTR to reimburse users in case of any future hack that is Bitrue's fault. 

Bitrue users can manage their accounts through the Bitrue website and mobile apps, which offer a similar overall experience to online stock trading accounts. Users can make basic account updates, add and withdraw funds, and access pages and apps to buy, sell, trade, and invest digital assets.

Management Team

Curis Wang is the Co-founder and CEO of Bitrue. According to Bitrue official website, the exchange was established by a group of blockchain enthusiasts, however, it is unknown who is behind the management team. 

Social Media

Twitter - https://twitter.com/BitrueOfficial