SuperEx exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that was launched in 2022. The platform offers its users the ability to buy and sell crypto assets, as well as a futures trade feature with up to 150× leverage. The SuperEx team aims to create a metaverse world based on Musk’s SpaceX on the platform, with the goal of making the idea of colonizing Mars inspired by Elon Musk come to life

One of the key features of the SuperEx Crypto Exchange is the decentralized SuperWallet, which is integrated to provide zero security risk. The private key is encrypted and stored on the user's device, which is not affected by code security, politics, or other factors. The platform also offers a no registration & KYC feature, where wallet authorized transactions can be completed on the chain, making them tamper-proof, safe, and transparent. The SuperEx exchange is also an open system, allowing users to interact with Dapp or smart contracts by opening SuperWallet and authorizing participation in Meta, DeFi, and NFTs.

The SuperEx exchange also includes a Space Fund, which is used for human exploration of space or to fund institutions or individuals that have made significant contributions to human exploration of space. The exchange platform prioritizes security by employing 2-FA authentication as a backup measure.

The SuperEx exchange utility token is called ET, which is issued by the SuperEx exchange team to allow holders of the token to enjoy low trading fees and exclusive rights to the exchange platform. The SuperEx team plans to buy back ET from the market with 50% profit generated from the exchange platform annually, reducing the total supply from 1 billion to 200 million tokens.

Finally, to reward early users, SuperEx exchange offers some of its utility tokens (ET) to anyone who registers on the platform. Users can earn ET airdrop by newly signing up, following their social handles, and other activities listed on the airdrop page.