Sebastien Borget

Sebastien Borget

Sebastien Borget is a successful entrepreneur and refers to himself as a father with 13 years of experience in growing startups, particularly in the mobile gaming industry. In the past three years, he has been at the forefront of bringing blockchain technology into the gaming experience. Borget is the co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, a decentralized gaming virtual world with NFTs. He has the president of the Blockchain Game Alliance, an organization that promotes blockchain technology within the gaming industry

Personal Stats

Age: Unknown
Source of wealth: Product development 
Residence: France
Citizenship: France
Marital status: Unknown 
Education: Telecom SudParis


Borget holds a Computer Science Engineer Degree from Telecom SudParis, one of France's leading graduate schools of engineering in Information and Communication Technology. He also attended the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he received Masters Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications


In 2020, Borget managed two roles with great success, as blockchain gaming saw increasing interest throughout the year. The Sandbox reached 84,000 registered user accounts and a social media community over 200,000 strong. $2.5 million worth of virtual real estate was sold, and the launch of its utility token, which sold $20 million. Meanwhile, the Blockchain Game Alliance ran online presentations and workshops throughout the year, with Borget serving as its president.

In 2021, Borget was busy, with The Sandbox being scheduled to release its first public alpha version in the first quarter. He also launched a foundation organized as a decentralized autonomous organization and supported further LAND sales throughout the year. Additionally, Borget continued to court interest from the non-crypto gaming world as the president of the Blockchain Game Alliance, which had 169 members.

Social Media

Twitter - https://twitter.com/borgetsebastien

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/borgetsebastien/

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