P2PB2B is a cryptocurrency exchange that was found in Estonia. Launched in 2018, the exchange has quickly gained popularity among traders thanks to its intuitive interface, low fees, and broad range of supported cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency exchange offers a range of offerings for users in the crypto community, such as Airdrop, Launchpad, trading contests, and the business plan of earning security funds. 

The P2PB2B exchange supports over 150 trading pairs and provides a processing velocity of up to 10,000 exchanges within a second and links over 1,000,000 TCP. The trade webpage has single-page employment on its interface functionality, facilitating active interactions through P2PB2B updates that are content-effective.

The P2PB2B exchange supports multiple languages such as Chinese (Mandarin), English, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish for the ease of interaction and assistance for users. 

P2PB2B holds over 200 cryptocurrencies and fiat funds, including but not limited to BTC, ETH, and USD. The liquidity-based client interface ensures that users can quickly and easily access the platform's features and functionalities.

P2B's trading fees are 0.2% for both takers and makers, which is average, while withdrawal fees are higher than most other popular exchanges. The platform charges a flat fee of 0.001 BTC for Bitcoin withdrawals, which is roughly 20% higher than the average level of withdrawal fees. P2PB2B allows users to enable 2-factor authentication and an Anti-Phishing Code, which helps to prevent malicious actions. Depositing and withdrawing are possible after the verification process, and the platform collects private data.