Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis is one of the founders of MetaMask, a software cryptocurrency wallet.

Personal Stats 

Age: Unknown 
Source of wealth:   Software, Developer 
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Citizenship: Unknown 
Marital status:   Unknown 
Education:   Unknown 

Biography of Aaron Davis 

Aaron Davis is one of the founders of MetaMask, a software cryptocurrency wallet designed to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask is widely in managing, receiving, and transferring ETH and other ERC-20 tokens.

Aaron Davis, who also goes by the pseudonym "Kumavis", has a biography shrouded in secrecy. Details regarding to his early life, educational background, and personal life remain absent from public records and online sources. The only source of info available is the Consensys blogpost, a blockchain company he is currently employed in. 

Aaron Davis' Education

Aaron Davis studied Japanese in the university with the intention of becoming a simultaneous interpreter. According to Consensys blogpost, this eventually laid the foundation for his later work in software engineering, where he saw similarities between the complicated nature of language and coding.

Aaron Davis' Career

Before his career in software engineering, Davis took on various roles, including a camp counselor, lifeguard, interpreter, and waiter, predominantly in Japan. He kept being interested in technology, which led him to make video games on his own.

Aaron's career path intersected with Dan Finlay (another founder of Metamask) in 2013 during their collaboration on VoxelJS, an open-source initiative. This collaboration laid the ground for their future partnership in founding MetaMask at Consensys. Before Consensys, Aaron and Dan worked at Mochaleaf, a startup later acquired by Apple.

Aaron's approach to technology is connected with his dislike for dependency on untrustworthy systems. These principles drove him to explore decentralized technologies, leading to the early conceptualization of MetaMask. His vision was to create tools that empower users, emphasizing self-custody and trust in digital interactions.

In 2016, while employed at Consensys, Aaron Davis and Dan Finlay created MetaMask. The inception of Ethereum in 2014 particularly influenced them. Dan perceived Ethereum as a promising platform for boosting democratic participation and simplifying financial processes, such as fundraising and micropayments.

They envisioned a website powered by Ethereum but faced challenges in implementing a user login system, especially as web-based crowdfunding using blockchain was still emerging. Aaron took the lead in developing a sophisticated account management system, similar to a browser within a browser, specifically for Ethereum interactions.

Eventually, Aaron and Dan focused on creating a more user-friendly product: a web browser extension. This version of their tool, simpler yet functional, was introduced at hackathons to engage other developers, laying the groundwork for what would become MetaMask.

Before 2019, MetaMask was exclusively available as a desktop browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. Its popularity among cryptocurrency users and the absence of an official mobile app for several years led to issues with counterfeit software in Google's Chrome Web Store and Google Play. In one case, Google Play mistakenly removed MetaMask's official beta app, only to reverse the decision a week later on January 1, 2020.

Starting in 2019, MetaMask initiated the release of mobile app versions for closed beta testing. The official public release for iOS and Android occurred in September 2020.

As of now, MetaMask has generated about $250 million in swap fees.

Aaron Davis' Personal Life

Details regarding Aaron’s personal life remain absent from online sources.

Aaron Davis' Net Worth 

Details regarding Aaron’s net worth remain absent from online sources.

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