Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson

Amanda B. Johnson is a familiar personality in the blockchain sector. She has played a crucial role as a representative and promoter of the Dash digital currency. She is recognized for her educational and easy-to-understand explanations about cryptocurrency and blockchain, aiming to make them less intimidating to wider audiences.

Personal Stats 

Age: unknown
Source of wealth: Spokesperson for blockchain projects
Residence: unknown
Citizenship: unknown
Marital status: unknown
Education: unknown

Biography of Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson, a blogger known for living and doing business using cryptocurrencies is calling for a switch from bitcoin to alternative cryptocurrencies. Besides her worldwide recognition, little is known about her personality and biography.

Amanda was born and grown in a small town in Utah, USA. She started using cryptocurrencies early, and has been researching and commenting on them since 2014.

She is also known for her strong interest in monetary theory and her valuable input into cryptocurrency, and hosts The Daily Decrypt, a video news showing case breakthroughs in cryptocurrency and P2P technologies.


Amanda Johnson's career in the blockchain industry began in 2014, when she began researching cryptocurrencies. After her work was published in top industry journals such as Bitcoin.com, Bitcoin Magazine, and Finance Magnates She produced the initial YouTube series subsidized by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and people frequently call her the first person to be paid through blockchain as a freelancer.

Since then, she has become a well-known spokesperson and ambassador for the Dash digital currency. Her work has been featured in leading industry publications, and she was recognized as one of the " top 10 Females in Crypto" by Core Magazine.

Prior to leaving Dash and explaining reasoning for it in her reddit letter, Johnson's work was closely tied to promoting, educating and advocating for the Dash cryptocurrency: she has played a significant role in promoting and advocating for Dash, a cryptocurrency designed to be a "better" bitcoin. She has been involved in several initiatives related to Dash, including the creation of an educational video series, Dash School, which explains cryptocurrency and blockchain.

She also played a major role in the creation of "The Daily Decrypt,” a video news show about cryptocurrencies and P2P technologies, and she has been recognized for her contributions to the industry and her influence.

Social Networks

Amanda Johnson is present on social media platforms, Twitter and LinkedIn. She has more than 50,000 followers on Twitter and often shares information about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Amanda defines herself as an experienced marketing leader and an insightful editor-in-chief in her LinkedIn profile.

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