Arthur Britto

Arthur Britto

Arthur Britto is an entrepreneur, developer, and co-founder of Ripple, a cryptocurrency platform designed to make it easier for traditional financial institutions to operate.

Personal Stats 

Age unknown
Source of wealth Entrepreneur, investor, developer
Residence USA
Citizenship USA
Marital status unknown
Education unknown

Arthur Britto Biography

Speaking of Ripple's founders, names such as Arthur Britto, David Schwartz, Ryan Fugger and Jed McCalleb come up online. And while the last three are well-known to the public, Arthur Britto's name is the subject of much speculation. Arthur Britto is probably the second-biggest mystery figure in crypto space after Satoshi Nakamoto. For years, the community has speculated over the secret co-founder of Ripple. Some were certain: Britto was a made-up character. Others claimed Arthur Britto was such an extraordinary genius of our generation that the government had to cover up his existence using an assumed name. However, things turned out to be much more prosaic. David Schwartz, the co-founder of Ripple, once claimed that Britto was one of the early developers of Ripple. His cryptic nature is nothing more than a desire to avoid publicity. In a deleted article by The Block, David Schwartz even pointed out that Britto is an introvert. Ripple's public relations experts have also confirmed Britto's real name and identity. However, some details of his biography were still revealed.

Arthur Britto Career

Prior to founding Ripple, Britto developed many well-known video games, including Armor Alley, Strategic Conquest, Crypt of Medea, and Rescue Raiders. The Moby Games database indicates that he was involved in this as far back as the 1980s. And this fact of Britto's bio has also been confirmed by David Schwartz.

Some sources also claim that Britto holds 13 patents for various inventions. And before joining the Ripple project, he managed the exchangeyourBitcoins.com and worked as CEO at Information Access Technologies Inc.

When Jed McCaleb and David Schwartz began developing the Ripple concept in 2011, they needed a third developer, which ended up being Arthur Britto. It was Britto who was able to improve the project's codebase, but he still held a consultant position at Ripple until 2019. Even though there were arguments between team members that led to McCaleb's departure, Britto is still working at Ripple. 

Britto also co-founded another blockchain-based startup with Schwartz in 2017. Polysign is the parent company of Standart Custody and MG Stover & Co, and builds infrastructure for financial institutions. Britto is its president and Schwartz is an advisor.

In June 2023, Britto stated that Ripple was created specifically to reach a $10,000 price point, which requires a focus on scalability.

Personal Life

As mentioned above, Britto is a hidden persona in the crypto industry. His colleagues have repeatedly stated that the decision to stay "behind the scenes" is solely due to Britto's own personal reasons, emphasizing that he is an extremely private person. The Ripple co-founder has his own page on X, but it does not contain any messages. There are no photos of Arthur Britto, his interviews or any other personal information, including his net worth, age, education and place of residence.

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