Richard Heart

Richard Heart

Richard Heart is a bright and controversial figure in the crypto industry. He is an entrepreneur, blogger, and founder of HEX and PulseChain.

Personal Stats

Age 44
Source of Wealth Entrepreneur, investor, blogger, financial analyst
Residence Finland
Citizenship U.S.
Marital Status married
Education unknown

Richard Heart Biography

Richard Heart was born on October 9, 1979. Birth name is Richard James Schueler.

Richard Heart Education 

He started reading at the age of 3 and since early childhood showed signs of a talented one. After the first days of elementary school, he was transferred to a school for gifted children, where he was accelerated. In high school, he went through the MEGSSS (Mathematical Education for the Gifted Secondary School Student) program, where he learned Scheme programming skills.

Richard Heart Career

Heart started his career at an early age by setting up a business selling car stereos. This gave him more time to explore other entrepreneurial endeavors, and soon he launched a platform selling shopping carts as well as a business selling ACs. He worked as a newspaper salesman for a while.

Afterward, Heart started a mortgage firm and did PPC management and SEO. This was Heart's first successful business, and under his leadership, the company generated $60 million dollars a year. 

Heart was introduced to the possibilities of Bitcoin through Reddit. He soon launched a YouTube channel where he shared analytics about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as well as how to avoid scams while in the crypto space. Heart's love for cryptocurrencies led him to create his own cryptocurrency, HEX, in December 2019. It is the first certificate of deposit on blockchain. However, this project was criticized and raised the question of legitimacy.

Subsequently, he created PulseChain and the decentralized exchange PulseX. The project was created to improve the scalability of Ethereum and raised significant funds through an ICO. 

In 2018, he also wrote a book on personal growth called sciVive.

Richard Heart Personal Life

Little is known about Heart's personal life, but some sources claim that the entrepreneur is married, but the identity of his significant other is unknown. Also, many speculate that Richard Heart currently lives in Helsinki, Finland. 

In July 2023, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged Heart with deceiving investors for $12 million and illegally raising more than $1 billion in unregistered cryptocurrency offerings to fund personal luxury purchases, including the purchase of a 555.55-carat Enigma black diamond for $4.3 million.

What is Richard Heart Net Worth?

Richard Heart's net worth is estimated at 500-600 million dollars. He gained his fortune through strategic investments, business, and, in particular, the launch of cryptocurrency projects HEX and PulseChain. 

He invested in Bitcoin when it was valued at 1 dollar.

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