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Bybit Has Listed BitBrawl. BRAWL Token Grew by 970%

Bybit Has Listed BitBrawl. BRAWL Token Grew by 970%


BitBrawl was listed on Bybit today, the BRAWL token reacted with an immediate 970% increase.

On March 28, Bybit listed the BitBrawl game's BRAWL token. With an initial price of $0.00095 USDT and 69,000 IDO participants, the token grew by 970% within four hours of launch. And at the time of writing, it is worth $0.01030. The token continues to grow. 

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BitBrawl is a 2D fighting game, one of the first Web3 games to have the unique ability to use NFTs from other games and blockchain networks as characters in their own game, aiming to place NFTs on Solana, Ethereum, BSC Chain and more. Players are using DeGods, y00ts, MadLads and MAYC, as well as with 20+ other NFT characters.

There are three modes in the game: Casual, Ranked, and Tournament. The last mode is designed for eSports players. The game has specially developed Compete-to-Earn mechanics for them, which allows them to get various rewards for passing tournaments. 

What's also interesting is that today Bybit will also identify a few users who participated in the project's IDO who will receive winning tickets allowing them to purchase any tokens worth 100 USDT. 

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