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Meta's Horizon Worlds Is Now Available On Smartphones

Meta's Horizon Worlds Is Now Available On Smartphones


Meta has finally unveiled its Horizon Worlds metaverse to the public, bringing it to smartphones and computers.

The interest in metaverses has waned recently, resulting in multibillion dollar losses for Meta. But it seems that Mark Zuckerberg is still confident in the potential of the virtual world. His company announced the latest initiative on its blog.

Horizon Worlds has revealed one Super Rumble world so far. This is a shooter-style game that allows players to team up for matches. The total duration of such matches is five minutes. The company, however, has stated that they will be opening other worlds soon.

Currently, the metaverse is available to a limited number of Internet users and the Quest app for Android. The team is actively working on launching the metaverse on iOS. The rollout of Horizon Worlds is also expected to be smooth and depends on user feedback.

Meta highlighted the importance of metaverse availability. While the Quest headset is a more relevant tool for interacting with Horizon Worlds, the company believes multiple entry points are necessary.

Meta's latest move is aimed at attracting more users. Perhaps, this is the company's way of trying to recover its multibillion dollar losses. Moreover, as of October 2022, the user base of Horizon Worlds barely exceeded 200,000 people.

Along with the launch of Horizon Worlds on smartphones and computers, the meta universe itself has gotten an important update. The company seems to have paid heed to the criticism. Horizon Worlds avatars have finally gotten legs.

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