Latest Notcoin News: What's Its Value and How Can You Sell It?

Latest Notcoin News: What's Its Value and How Can You Sell It?


The Telegram-based game Notcoin has launched a peer-to-peer (P2P) pre-sale for the NOT token on the Getgems platform. According to the team, players are now able to convert their accumulated Notcoin into NFT vouchers worth 10 and 100 million coins, enabling them to trade on the platform before the official release.

Notcoin is a clicker game operated via a Telegram bot. Since its launch, Notcoin has actively garnered attention and widespread popularity. Its primary appeal is the opportunity for users to earn without any financial investments, by performing simple tasks such as clicking a button or promoting the project to friends. Despite the team's initial promises, the Notcoin failed to be listed more than two months after its launch, causing frustration within the gaming community.

Notcoin Vouchers

On Thursday, March 8th, the Notcoin developers announced the launch of pre-sale vouchers in the form of NFTs. These NFTs, hosted on The Open Network (TON) platform, will allow players to trade their future NOT tokens even before the airdrop event.

The Notcoin Voucher is a mechanism for exchanging accumulated coins for NFTs located within the TON blockchain network. At present, there are only two NFT types available: one for 10 million and another for 100 million coins. Possessing a wallet balance that's a multiple of 10 million allows for the acquisition of a corresponding number of NFTs. Therefore, these vouchers are exclusively accessible to the most dedicated players.

These vouchers will be available for exchange once the official launch of the token occurs. Alternatively, users may opt to wait for the coin to be listed and then convert their vouchers into NOT tokens or other cryptocurrencies.

How Much Will Notcoin Cost?

Predicting the exact exchange rate of the coin post-listing is impossible, but voucher owners will be able to exchange them for an equivalent amount of $NOT tokens. Currently, the voucher issuance function has been temporarily suspended due to technical issues experienced by users during their creation.

Moreover, the Notcoin development team has made an announcement on their X account about their intention to compensate buyers who acquired vouchers early on at a higher price and are retaining them. This approach is based on the expectation of a significant influx of vouchers into the market following the opening of pre-sales to all interested parties, potentially reducing their value.

How is Notcoin Sold? 

The largest voucher sale to date occurred on a Thursday through the Getgems NFT market on The Open Network, featuring 100 million Notcoin, which was purchased for the equivalent of $2,760 in Toncoin (100 TON). These NFT vouchers carry a 20% commission on profits, aimed at funding liquidity for NOT tokens in preparation for their market launch.

As of this report, around 10,000 vouchers, valued at 10 and 100 million coins each, are available for sale on GetGems. A total of 107 billion Notcoin tokens have been listed for sale.

What's New With Notcoin?

It was announced during a live broadcast on platform X that Notcoin is gradually burning the token balances of players who have been inactive for more than 30 days. The developers reported on Thursday that over 5 billion game coins had been burned in two days, and that the balances of inactive users would be burned at a rate of 5% per day until they begin playing again.

During the presentation, the team also mentioned that the maximum possible distribution volume of NOT tokens for a user is 0.03% of the total token supply. It was noted that users who invited many other players to join Notcoin are most likely to receive the maximum distribution volume.

The developers also promised that the ability to create vouchers will soon be available to all users. After its launch, Notcoin will be managed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which already counts 158,000 members. Although the team did not disclose what exactly the DAO will be responsible for and what proposals will be put to a vote, the developers mentioned a "meta-game" within Notcoin.

The official minting date for Notcoin is still unknown, but game communities say it could happen in April. Thus, players still have time to click for coins using the following link.

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