When is Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) Listing, And What Will the Price Be?

When is Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) Listing, And What Will the Price Be?


Hamster Kombat's roadmap hints at HMSTR listing as early as this month. Pavel Durov has confirmed the imminent launch of the coin, and major exchanges have started pre-marketing HMSTR. When should we expect the launch and airdrop of HMSTR, and what will be the price?

After the success of Notcoin, the market was flooded with dozens of analog clicker games promising to earn money by mining coins. Hamster Kombat followed Notcoin's path and to some extent overtook the game in popularity and more. Hamster Kombat offers a shift from the idea of simple coin clicks. Users must boost their "exchange" through buying cards for in-game currency and completing various tasks (invite friends, find daily combo cards, solve the daily Morse code, and more). 

Nearly 240 million Hamster Kombat users are expecting an HMSTR listing soon and are speculating what the price will be. 

Leaks and official comments

The Hamster Kombat team decided to follow in the footsteps of the pioneer Notcoin and launch a token in the TON network, which was announced at the end of May. The same news was confirmed by the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, in his social networks in early July. No one said anything about the exact date. However, the Hamster Kombat roadmap points to July as the month of token generation, which is usually immediately followed by listing on exchanges. 

July is in full swing and some major exchanges are warning us about the imminent listing. Platforms such as KuCoin announced the pre-marketing of HMSTR coin, while Bybit started pre-trading the coin on July 8. Thus, the question arises, what will be the price at listing? 

There is no exact answer, as the price will be determined by the market itself. The asset is currently trading on the pre-market. The average price of the coin on Bybit is $0.65, at the time of writing. The exchange has indicated that the total supply of the project will be 10 billion HMSTR. And at the moment, users are trading not the coin itself, but "points", which will then be converted into real coins. 

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By analogy with HMSTR's predecessor Notcoin, we can assume that the starting price of HMSTR will be around $0.0001-$0.07. With a maximum supply of 10 billion HMSTR, the starting price of Hamster Kombat coin may be equal to $1. This is a rather optimistic prediction, but not impossible. In that case, FDV's valuation would be $10 billion. For comparison, Notcoin had an FDV of $1.3 billion at launch. 

Considering also the pre-market price, we can make a more realistic forecast of HMSTR's initial listing price. Right now, Bybit's average pre-market price is $0.65. That means HMSTR has an FDV of $6.5 billion. And in recent days, HMSTR has been trading around $0.05-$0.4 on the pre-market on other exchanges. It is likely that during the listing phase, HMSTR will trade near $0.10 to reach an FDV of $1 billion, similar to Notcoin, according to experts. 

Only time will tell if this is the case, but many continue to compare Hamster Kombat's path to what Notcoin has done, and it looks like the team is cleverly capitalizing on what works. 

Another burning question is how many HMSTR coins players can claim. For example, Notcoin distributed 1 NOT for every 1,000 in-game coins. And while the Hamster Kombat team isn't revealing the details of the coin distribution, we do know that the game is taking a completely different approach. In early June, the developers confirmed that the future airdrop will not depend on the number of coins mined, but on the profit per hour and other parameters. Most likely, these parameters refer to other activities that the game forces users to perform on a daily basis. 

HMSTR tokenomics (which, by the way, the team has not yet published for some reason) was leaked online. A rather popular resource, CoinCarp, has published HMSTR tokenomics, the authenticity of which has yet to be verified. But it is still worth a look. 

Here, as well as on Bybit, the total supply of 10 billion HMSTR coins is indicated. Interestingly, users are allocated 1% of the total supply for airdrop. For 240 million users, this is a negligible number. In other words, only a few players who performed the best will get a good airdrop. Still, this tokenomics has not been confirmed by the Hamster Kombat team, which means one can only hope for a fairer reward for all participants.


So, when is the listing? Although the Hamster Kombat team has set July as the month for token generation and distribution, they do not give an exact date. Probably, the team is hoping for historical market behavior, remembering the tale that a weak June is followed by an explosive July for prices. Hamster Kombat is following Notcoin's proven track. Back in the day, the Notcoin team postponed the listing and distribution of the token several times as they waited for more stable market conditions. The Hamster Kombat team is waiting for a good time, so they are in no hurry to announce a specific date.

The same goes for the distribution at airdrop. And while we urge you not to believe leaked information until it is confirmed or denied, you shouldn't hope for bigger fish than Notcoin. Hamster Kombat serves 240 million players, but there are still a huge number of bots among that traffic: the chances of a worthwhile distribution fall away. 

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