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Aptos to Launch $99 Crypto Smartphone

Aptos to Launch $99 Crypto Smartphone


Aptos is challenging its competitor, Solana, and releasing the JamboPhone crypto smartphone at an affordable price. The new product is already on sale in 40+ countries.

Level 1 blockchain Aptos has struck a deal with Jambo Technology to release a crypto smartphone and make it easier to interact with the Web3 world. The product, priced at $99, is many times cheaper than the Solana smartphone, considering the Solana Saga was originally released at $1,000 a piece. The second line of Saga smartphones is currently taking pre-orders at $500. Thus, Aptos is throwing a challenge to its competitor.

With the new gadget, Aptos hopes to attract new users to Web3 through the Jambo App. It contains a set of customizable features and educational content on decentralized finance, gaming and other aspects of blockchain.

Aptos representatives emphasized that the launch of the smartphone is related to their goal to bring the benefits of the Web3-world to as many people as possible. JamboPhone is aimed at users in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. The device works on the Aptos network through pre-installed applications such as Petra Wallet.

Another advantage JamboPhone has over Saga, besides the price tag, includes a focus on education. However, Saga is part of an established ecosystem and targets users who need a powerful mobile experience for dApps.

Amid the news, the price of Aptos has risen 3% in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, the asset is trading at $10.01.

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Weekly growth of the token amounted to 13%. The asset recently broke above key resistance levels, indicating a potential continuation of the uptrend. However, overbought conditions could lead to a short-term pullback.

This is not a 100 percent statement. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Investors should exercise caution and do their own research.

Meanwhile, pre-orders for the second line of Solana smartphones, have surpassed the 100,000 mark. The smartphone is expected to be released in the first half of 2025.

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