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Billionaire Mark Cuban Lost About $1 Million In A Crypto Scam

Billionaire Mark Cuban Lost About $1 Million In A Crypto Scam

Over the weekend, billionaire and investor Mark Cuban lost $870,000 in a crypto scam.

The entrepreneur claims that his MetaMask wallet remained inactive for several months. Once he logged in to check his balance, he noticed that his assets were missing. He probably followed a phishing link or used the wallet's fake mobile app. It's worth noting that Cuban was unaware of the attack until DL News reached out to him.

Wazzcrypto analyzed the blockchain data and concluded that stablecoins, stETH and RARE tokens, as well as some Ethereum Name Service domains were missing from Cuban's wallet. However, the billionaire managed to transfer MATIC worth $2.5 million to the Coinbase exchange.

This incident once again proves to the crypto community that even the most influential minds in the industry are not immune to fraudulent attacks. Earlier this month, Vitalik Buterin's X-account was hacked, causing the Ethereum co-founder's followers to lose up to $700,000.

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