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bitsCrunch Calls for Community Participation in Incentivized Testnet

bitsCrunch Calls for Community Participation in Incentivized Testnet


bitsCrunch, an AI-enhanced data network specializing in NFT analytics and forensic data, is inviting users to take part in the first phase of its ongoing incentivized testnet. The campaign is backed by Coinlist and was announced on its platform.

The goal of this incentivized testnet revolves around two key objectives: firstly, to bootstrap and fortify the network's security, and secondly, to thoroughly evaluate network functionalities and obtain valuable product feedback.

bitsCrunch commenced the first round of the testnet in May 2023, aiming to fully launch the mainnet by September 2023. Now, the platform has reached the stage of implementing 'Task 3' of the incentivized testnet, encouraging community members to engage in a series of activities on the Unleash NFTs platform.

The third task, an integral part of the bitsCrunch testnet, kick-started on July 1st and will continue till the end of August. Participants stand a chance to accrue points via the completion of tasks updated periodically throughout this phase.

bitsCrunch has allocated 1% of its token supply as rewards for testnet contributors, with 46% of that portion designated for eligible participants of Round 1. Within Round 1, a total of 7 tasks will be conducted, with the first two already underway. Task 3 alone has been assigned 1,500,000 BCUT tokens, equivalent to 0.15% of the total token supply. While Tasks 1 and 2 are tailored for professional node operators, validators, customers, and partners, Tasks 3-7 have been designed to engage a broader community.

To accumulate points and increase their chances of earning token rewards, participants are encouraged to actively engage with the unleashnft.com website and participate in various marketing initiatives. Token rewards will only be distributed to the top 1,000 participants with the highest number of points. For more details please read this dedicated blog post.

At the heart of bitsCrunch's solution lies the AI-enhanced bitsCrunch Network, which delivers top-tier NFT analytics and forensic data. Accessible via APIs, this network fosters a community-driven ecosystem and facilitates diverse application development.

The bitsCrunch Network offers detailed forensic NFT data, empowering users to identify potential risks and fraudulent activities associated with specific items or collections. By providing comprehensive security measures, the network enables users to safeguard their NFT investments effectively.

Moreover, users can make informed decisions about their NFT investments thanks to the high-quality NFT analytics provided by the bitsCrunch Network. Leveraging AI technology, the platform offers accurate price estimations for NFT tokens and other valuable insights, aiding users in maximizing their investment potential.

bitsCrunch has secured $3.6 million in a funding round led by Animoca Brands, Coinbase Ventures, Crypto.com Capital and others.

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