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Launch of Polygon 2.0: From MATIC To POL

Launch of Polygon 2.0: From MATIC To POL

Polygon Labs announced the launch of Polygon 2.0 in its X account, which marks three major updates.

In the summer of 2023, Polygon Labs unveiled the Polygon 2.0 roadmap from Phase 0 to the Value Layer of the Internet. Phase 0 implements important updates, such as the transition from MATIC to POL, the purpose of a new token for staking in PoS and for gas payments, and the implementation of the Staking Layer feature.

Polygon Labs expects the community to vote on the new proposals. And if the proposals are approved, the developers will implement them in the final quarter of this year. Phase 0, according to the developers, will change all aspects of the Polygon ecosystem. The global goal is to integrate L2 networks based on zero-knowledge to scale Ethereum across the Internet.

Meanwhile, the network will have a new main token, POL, which will be a next-generation token. It is designed for the L2 network ecosystem and is designed for staking and community management. The transition from MATIC to POL will be the last step of Phase 0.

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