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Musk Plans to Sell Tesla for DOGE: The Coin's Price Rose 15%

Musk Plans to Sell Tesla for DOGE: The Coin's Price Rose 15%


During a speech at the Berlin Gigafactory, Musk hinted at a possible sale of Tesla for Dogecoin in the future.

Billionaire and founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, visited the Berlin Gigafactory (Tesla's huge manufacturing complex in Berlin) on March 13, where he answered questions from visitors.

One audience member asked Musk when it would be possible to purchase a Tesla car with Dogecoin. The billionaire replied:

“Well, at some point, we should enable that… You can buy Tesla merch with DOGE, which is cool… So, Dogecoin to the moon!“

To elaborate on his favorite cryptocurrency, Musk shared that he became a stan when Tesla and SpaceX employees asked him if he could support Dogecoin. He decided to give his support to Dogecoin because he considered it a "the people’s crypto.”

In fact, since January 2022, Tesla customers can buy any of the company's merch for DOGE. And in February this year, Geometric Energy Corporation booked SpaceX's DOGE-1 satellite launch to the moon, paying exclusively in Dogecoin.

After a video of Musk's gigafactory speech leaked online, the Dogecoin coin responded with a 15% rise.

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After another surge in price, Dogecoin (DOGE) is back in the top ten cryptocurrencies. The coin is currently consolidating around $0.175 and expects to return to $0.2. The asset is trading above the 100- and 200-day EMAs, indicating continued bullish momentum. The RSI index is in neutral at 50, so it is impossible to say for sure how the price will react next.

The price dynamics may be affected by the whales, which, according to Whale Alert, have become more active, moving their DOGE accumulations.

This is not a 100 percent statement. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Investors should exercise caution when making decisions.



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