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Notcoin Developers Hint At Token Listing Date

Notcoin Developers Hint At Token Listing Date


Notcoin is just hours away from completing its mining phase, and developers have hinted at a possible listing date for the coin.

According to an announcement on social media, Notcoin's mining phase will end on April 1 at 12:00 UTC. Last weekend, the developers asked gamers to consider donating a portion of their earnings to the ecosystem fund, and also conducted an important survey about the coin's pricing. 

"It would be helpful for the ecosystem growth to have a meaningful amount of Notcoins for the product development, upcoming listings and for all the millions of people that will come next. If there are no good ideas for these tokens, they will be burned," the post said

Players are encouraged to optionally donate 10%, 20%, 30% or 50% of the coins mined. 

There are only hours left until the end of the mining phase, and every player can still mine a significant amount of Notcoin. For this purpose, the developers have launched a boost that multiplies each tap by five times. Meanwhile, the community is also invited to vote and choose the conversion rate of in-game Notcoin to $NOT tokens. The developers suggest converting 1,000,000 in-game Notcoin to 1,000 NOT, 100 NOT or 10 NOT. At the time of writing, the majority of the game's Telegram community has voted in favor of converting 1 million in-game Notcoins into 1,000 NOT tokens.

However, the biggest interest was sparked by a tweet about the anticipated listing date of NOT. The team posted a screenshot of the countdown to the token's release on their social networks. The estimated date of April 20 coincides with the Bitcoin halving date. 

Developers have repeatedly compared their approach to the workings of the Bitcoin ecosystem, for example, it applies to the distribution of tokens. The estimated date may well turn out to be real. Nevertheless, not all market participants are happy, expressing their impatience and calling the team's latest tweet an April's Fool day joke. As of now, the developers have not provided any additional details regarding the listing date.  

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