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Notcoin jumps 6% as player base reaches 40M


Notcoin, a gaming platform enabling players to earn while they play and hosted on Telegram, has recently updated its user count to a staggering 40 million. This remarkable milestone also serves to clarify inaccuracies by certain analytics tools, which have underreported user numbers due to incorrect metric applications.

At present, the value of Notcoin has risen to $0.0185, marking a 5% uptick in the last day alone, and impressively, a 210% surge in the previous two weeks as per CoinGecko’s data.

In a significant achievement earlier this month, the NOT token achieved a peak value of $0.0283. This peak pushed its market valuation over the $2.75 billion threshold.

The platform has distributed $1.5 million in TON tokens across 20 promotional campaigns. Expectations are high for a substantial increase in these numbers with the impending introduction of automated campaigns.

The development team is actively working on several upcoming enhancements according to their project roadmap. Key updates include the sharing of rewards among friends, exclusive access to token launches for gold and platinum players, the roll-out of automated campaigns, and the unlocking of new levels for newcomers.

As of May 20, the player count was reported at 35 million, indicating a swift accumulation of over 5 million gamers — or a 14% increase — in just three weeks. A significant factor in this rapid growth is the new missions program, which incentivizes ongoing engagement by offering rewards in NOT tokens for passive play. NOT tokens are the native cryptocurrency of the platform and circulate on The Open Network.

The continuous rewards mechanism starkly contrasts with the conventional single-reward system for completing missions or quests, playing a critical role in attracting and retaining players.

Last week, Open Builders, the creators behind Notcoin, announced rewarding 40 million NOT tokens to those holding the game's pre-market trading vouchers.

The Notcoin Pre-Market NFT Vouchers boast a market value of $324 million, with around 59,000 individuals holding 795,000 NFTs, as revealed by a Dune analysis conducted by the Notcoin team.

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