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Notcoin Launches Pre-Market Ahead of Token Listing

Notcoin Launches Pre-Market Ahead of Token Listing


The developers of the Notcoin game launched a pre-market last week, which only confirms the token's soon-to-be listing.

Notcoin allows its most active players to sell their tokens before its release. For this purpose, the developers have launched a pre-market where one can exchange their Notcoin for NFT vouchers, which was announced in the official Telegram channel of the project.

A total of two types of vouchers are available: 10 million tokens or 100 million tokens can be exchanged for one such voucher. Vouchers can be used to trade NOT before the token launch, and they will be converted to NOT tokens at the time of launch. Other users can wait for the official listing of the token. Notcoin now has a player base of 26 million people.

The initial price of NOT remains unknown at this time, but last weekend a 100 million Notcoin voucher was sold for $2,760 on the Getgems NFT platform on the TON network, suggesting the voucher system will enable players to speculate on the future value of the token.

The listing of Notcoin is expected to happen soon, although the developers have not yet announced the exact date. At the moment, the project is actively burning some of Notcoin's mined tokens. Last Thursday, the team burned 5 billion tokens of inactive users. The developers also added that balances of inactive users will be reduced by 5% every day until they resume playing. This system applies to those who have not logged into the game for more than a month. In addition, users reported an increase in scam attacks selling fake vouchers, which the development team also warned the community about.

On their X account, the team also answered some questions regarding the future of Notcoin, stating that the distribution of NOT to players is 0.03% of the total tokens. The maximum distribution will be given to those who have invited more people to the game. Once listed, the project will be managed by DAO, which already has over 158,000 people. The management approach also promises to be interesting and interactive.

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