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Notcoin Bot: How it Works and How to Launch It?

Notcoin Bot: How it Works and How to Launch It?


Notcoin is a meme token associated with Telegram, along with a gaming bot that allows users to farm tokens through simple clicks.

Within the first 26 days of its launch, the project Notcoin attracted 20 million users. In contrast, at the height of its popularity in January 2022, Axie Infinity had a monthly active user base of 2.78 million.

The distribution strategy for Notcoin is similar to other meme tokens: initially given away for free, the project's developers then add liquidity, transforming virtual "play money" into tangible financial assets. This strategy generates significant hype and fosters growing interest in the project in the market.

Since the game's launch, gamers have clicked their way to trillions of coins, and now everyone is eagerly awaiting the promised listing and possible airdrop. The game developers have confirmed the possibility of both an airdrop and the minting of the NOT token, which could lead to its actual placement on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Information about the token has already been posted on leading trading platforms such as Binance, ByBit, and OKX, although the exact date of listing remains uncertain and without any guarantees of its occurrence. It's important to note that directly in their X account, it is mentioned "Probably Nothing " thus players should not be too disappointed if the token listing does not happen. You were warned.

The Notcoin team has announced that after the coins are issued, the size of rewards for users will be determined based on their current score. Additionally, aspects such as the degree of involvement in the project, the number of new users brought in through the referral program, and participant activity will be considered. Moreover, Notcoin coins will be progressively burned, leading to a reduction in their total circulation.

How Does the Notcoin Bot Work?

Players still have the chance to accumulate coins for free. The gameplay is straightforward: connect to the Notcoin bot and start earning coins by clicking on the coin icon in the center of the screen, thus increasing your game balance. Each click adds one coin to your account, and completing tasks such as subscribing to a specific channel or inviting friends allows for increased earnings.

Players can form squads through channels and chats in Telegram, invite friends, complete various missions, and compete for places on the leaderboard. The game requires no financial investment and is fully integrated with Telegram.

How to Connect to the Notcoin Bot and Start Playing?

Register with the bot via the link on Telegram.

Collect your first coins by clicking on the coin icon.

Continue earning coins, increasing your rewards with boosters purchased with earned coins.

Explore the possibilities of the gaming bot and aim to become one of the top players.

New players receive a starting bonus of 2500 NOT, which can be used to purchase boosts. Telegram Premium subscribers receive 50,000 coins upon registration.There are various types of boosts, for example, to speed up energy recovery (which is spent on clicks) or to acquire an autoclicker. Some boosts are available for free every day. As players level up, new boosts become available, increasing coin earnings.

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