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How to Stake the DeDust.io Native Token $SCALE?

How to Stake the DeDust.io Native Token $SCALE?


DeDust.io, one of the leading DEXs on the TON blockchain, announced the launch of staking of its own $SCALE token. Let's look into the details of the launch and how to stake the platform's native token.

Recently, the team of one of the main TON exchanges announced in their X account the $SCALE token, DeDust.io native token, staking launch. The team decided to celebrate the platform’s success with users by sharing the protocol's income with stakers.

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The post also noted that the team could connect the token and the exchange so that the growth of the token was based on the success of DeDust.io itself. The same principle will apply to future Scaleton products.

A Little About DeDust.io and the Native $SCALE Token

DeDust.io is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) exchange on the Open Network (TON) blockchain. DeDust.io allows users to exchange a huge number of tokens with minimal fees seamlessly. The exchange currently supports 58 coins and 1,590 currency pairs.

DeDust.io is now one of the two main exchanges on the Open Network (TON) blockchain. STON.fi is rightfully considered another leader. The growing popularity of the project reflects the general interest in the TON ecosystem in the crypto community, and today in the vastness of the crypto world you can increasingly find both the next TON token and references on the DeDust exchange.

$SCALE is DeDust.io's native token designed to distribute the protocol's revenue through token staking.

According to DeDust.io,

In the past month alone, trading volume surpassed $300 million, generating over $1.5 million in swap fees. $300,000 of these fees belong to the protocol. Starting today, they'll be converted into $SCALE and distributed among stakers. This isn't just a temporary promotion, it's a fundamental mechanic…We're sharing our platform's revenue because we believe in decentralization, the free market, and the power of community

How to Stake $SCALE: Step-By-Step Guide

A short excursion into staking. When it comes to staking, funds are locked into a decentralized protocol. In return, stakers receive income either additional tokens or an increase in the value of their staked tokens. This is a proven and safe way to earn passive income in the cryptosphere.

As for $SCALE staking itself, there is a separate Stake tab on the website.

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By going to the tab, you will see a fairly friendly interface: nothing superfluous and all the necessary information right before your eyes (we are talking about the FAQ section, which turned out to be quite useful when writing this text).

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Note: Before the staking itself, you must have $SCALEs in your wallet. You can swap $USDT or $TON in the DeDust.io itself, in the section SWAP. 

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$SCALE Staking

So, to start staking $SCALE, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the DeDust.io website and connect the Wallet, if you haven’t ever used this DEX. 

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Step 2: Push the Stake button on the staking tab.

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Step 3: Insert the amount of $SCALE you want to deposit for staking. 

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Step 4: Receive staking rewards distributed daily. The amount will depend on the share of tokens contributed to the pool, as well as the commissions received by the exchange

Can I Unlock My $SCALE Tokens?

Yes, this can be done. You need to click the Unstake button and go to the same window as for staking, but still slightly different. 

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Staked tokens can be withdrawn immediately, with a penalty of 5%, or you can wait 72 hours and withdraw them without commission. However, the commission still cannot be avoided: you also need to add the commission for processing the transaction in the blockchain, that is, the network commission (~0.15 TON or ~$2.44).

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On the staking page, please note that a proportional amount of rewards will also be withdrawn along with the selected number of withdrawn tokens. So be on the lookout!

Current $SCALE Price

At the time of writing, $SCALE's price on CoinMarketCap is $6.62, the market cap is $17.94 million, while the total supply is 16.71M $SCALE and the maximum supply is 21M.

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P.S. Afterword

Although rewards come to users for diligent staking, at first, as with any launch, there are some nuances. For some, rewards arrived late, for others, they were not counted, and for others, they were even counted and more were sent. We talk about the comments in the Telegram channel, where the questions are resolved, and support answers, so in this regard, as elsewhere, there are errors and work on them. And that's good.

In any case, as always, we should all be careful when dealing with crypto and the activities involved in it. And if something goes wrong, there is always the opportunity to contact the development team to correct the situation. Unless, of course, the project is a scam :) To track popular projects and their scam status, you are welcome to the “Reviews” tab and our “Scamometer” section.

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