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How to Get a Notcoin Bonus in Telegram Wallet?

How to Get a Notcoin Bonus in Telegram Wallet?


A promotion in the Telegram Wallet related to receiving bonuses in Notcoin has appeared recently. The prize fund of the promotion is a billion NOT! Let's look into all the details and how much NOT you can win for participating in the draw.

Recently, the additional “Bonuses” section has been added to Telegram Wallet. The so-called Wallet’s Notcoin Earn Campaign or “Notcoin Bonuses” started on May 11 and will last until May 25. What do you need to do to get NOT? Let's figure it out together.

Billion Notcoin for Generous TON Holders

The “Earn Notcoin on TON” promotion has appeared in the Wallet, which makes it possible to receive NOT when replenishing a bonus account in TON. Anyone who has TON can participate. Restrictions may only apply to countries where the Wallet is not available (USA, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Haiti, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Somalia, South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Yemen, Cuba), and also for residents or citizens of an unrecognized country or territory.

How to Get Your Bonus?

In order to take part in the drawing of a billion Notcoin, you need to go to your Wallet and open the “Wallet Earn” tab. Your first deposit must be made on any day during the promotion period, but no later than 24 hours before the end date of the bonus program.

Next, we see two bonus programs, but we need the one where it says: “Earn Notcoin on TON.” Basically, it spoils this whole bonus story for us: you can get “Up to 7,000 NOT in 14 days.”

As a result, the Wallet offers participation in the bonus program by investing TON and receiving those same seven thousand NOT in just two weeks. In the screenshot below you can also see the features of the promotion (replenishment and withdrawal at any time, for example), as well as its conditions, the main one of which is account verification. To qualify for bonuses, you must have “Extended” or “Advanced” verification levels. The verification level can be checked in the Wallet settings.

By clicking on the “Start Earning” button, you go to a page where you must enter the amount of TON that you are willing to deposit for the bonus program, but it is important to remember that the maximum investment amount should not exceed 100 TON.

Every day you can receive 5 NOT for each TON, and you can pick them up immediately after Notcoin is integrated into the Wallet, that is, after May 16. Users can see how their reward balance is calculated, but they can only receive them after you click the “Get Rewards” button. Once the reward pool is depleted, the bonus program will end.

Important Details to Pay Attention to

The wallet, as stated in the rules of participation in the bonus program, has the full right to extend or interrupt the bonus program, change the rules at any time, change the amount of rewards, as well as the maximum TON amounts for investments. It is important to understand these points, since by agreeing to participate in this program, you agree to changes that may occur during the promotion.

Of course, Wallet also disclaims responsibility, does not guarantee any profit or protection of deposits and rewards, and asks user participation to be considered as a risk.

Bottom Line: Is It Worth Participating in the “Billion from Wallet” Campaign?

What's the result? The Notcoin team, together with Wallet, launched an interesting marketing program that again brought Notcoin to the top of discussions, but is everything as good as it seems at first glance? It seems that everything is clear and simple, but, as in any crypto project, you should be very careful here, since the creators themselves declare that they do not promise anything, and can also change the conditions without notification. Therefore, TON investments should only be made when you are ready to both win and lose on this investment.

Participating in various promotions is great! This, among other things, increases your capabilities as a trader and investor, improves your experience and creates conditions for development in crypto. At the same time, stocks in the crypto industry are a very controversial thing, so be vigilant and always DYOR!

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