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Combo cards in Hamster Kombat: What are they, and how to get the reward?

Combo cards in Hamster Kombat: What are they, and how to get the reward?


As we get closer to a possible listing, the creators of Hamster Kombat have provided a new opportunity to get more coins. In this article, we will take a look at the combo cards and Morse code that are part of the exciting coin mining gameplay.

What are combo cards and where to find them? 

Hamster Kombat has long gone beyond the typical analog of the popular game Notcoin, offering its users something more than simple and mindless clicking for the sake of getting coins. The essence of Hamster Kombat is that the player is given a chance to become the CEO of the exchange and pump it in the proposed ways. One of such ways is cards.

The cards can be found in the Mine section. Here the user is invited to scroll through the Markets, PR&Team, Legal and Specials categories. Spend the coins earned by the game to upgrade the exchange through the purchase of different themed cards: from Fan Tokens to Villa for the DEV Team. Some types of cards imply other activities: to level up a particular card or to invite friends. 

And now, every day Hamster Kombat features a new daily combo: a set of three cards that will bring the user 5 million free in-game coins.

The introduction of combo cards for a bonus of 5 million coins was another confirmation that when listing coins and airdrop will be important not only how many coins the user has managed to mine, but also how he upgraded his "exchange". After all, buying cards was originally intended to do exactly that: develop the player's exchange. A nice bonus, of course, is the increasing number of coins per hour: how many coins the bot will give the user when he won't stay in the app for a maximum of three hours. 

This is done to maximize player engagement and attract new players. The creators tried to make this process look engaging. Therefore, the developers went further and introduced a daily reward in the form of 5 million additional coins, which each player can get if he finds and buys a combo set among the many of these cards. 

The idea is that every 24 hours the player randomly pokes at cards, upgrading them and spending in-game money hoping that he will get those desired combo cards. But there is a catch. The player can spend an unreasonable amount of coins for the sake of getting 5 million new ones.

How to catch the right cards for a bonus? 

Finding combo cards is the parable of the needle in the haystack. You can spend all your accumulated coins and never find the right cards. And if you do find them, there is a chance that the remaining coins may not be enough to buy them. And is this waste justified for the sake of some 5 million coins? 

And, of course, Hamster Kombat won't simply tell you which card will be in the combo set today. 

What would users do without a strong community? At times like these, it becomes crystal clear why it is important for crypto projects to build a strong community and actively engage it. With the rapid growth of the game's popularity, various accounts began to appear in all social networks, which share daily combo cards and save millions of players from unnecessary hassle and waste. Here, for example, is one of the reliable X accounts. Or here's this Telegram channel. But in fact, there are a huge number of such accounts on the Internet, and it is quite easy to find them in any convenient social network. However, you should not forget about the risks of fraud. Therefore, it is definitely worth doing your own research first. 

What does it have to do with Morse code and how to get extra bonuses? 

The creators went further in their idea to fascinate players and introduced a new way to get additional bonuses. Daily cipher in the form of Morse code allows you to get 1 million coins. The hint was left by the developers themselves via their social networks. 

To start the process, you need to tap the "Earn per tap" box on the main screen three times. As a result, the background of your hamster icon will change to red, and the "Daily Cipher" box will appear under the earnings counter. 

It is necessary to tap the code on the red coin. The very first term was the word BTC. For this, users had to quickly click the following: a long hold on the button, followed by three quick taps (B), a long hold (T), and a long hold, followed by a short tap, another long hold, and another tap (C).

If you entered the code correctly, each letter will appear on the top line. The developers left detailed instructions with the word of the day on their YouTube channel. It is currently unknown whether the developers will continue to share the word of the day, or if this was a one-time hint. Either way, you can always reach out to the community for help. The aforementioned accounts also post detailed instructions. 

Bottom Line

Users now have a chance to earn extra rewards before a potential airdrop and token listing. This is a great way to accumulate as many coins as possible or let them go towards developing your in-game exchange. 

If you are interested in this project, you can join by clicking here

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