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Notcoin Price: Where to Watch the Pre-Market Price via Getgems and Bybit

Notcoin Price: Where to Watch the Pre-Market Price via Getgems and Bybit


Ahead of the official listing, users of the Telegram game Notcoin already have the ability to watch the price of their NOT tokens on Getgems and Bybit.

Notcoin is a popular Telegram game that has attracted over 30 million users from around the world since the beginning of 2024 through its simple NOT coin mining technique. The project team has been leaving the community guessing over the past few months about a possible token listing.

This week, they launched an unusual countdown to the end of the token's mining phase. The developers are preparing to launch the token on The Open Network within two weeks, but users can already trade and track NOT price changes on the pre-market.

One such way is vouchers. Especially ardent Notcoin users who have mined more than 10 million NOT tokens have the opportunity to exchange their coins for vouchers in the form of NFTs on the Getgems platform.

To do so, they can go to the platform by finding the right tab in the game and selecting the appropriate merchant. On Getgems, users can exchange 10 million tokens for a single voucher. Notcoin vouchers are currently trading at around 10 TON per voucher, or about $50 USD.

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Another way to more easily watch the price of Notcoin is through Bybit's pre-market. Earlier this week, the exchange launched Notcoin trading on its pre-market platform. At the time of writing, 1 NOT is trading at 0.000007 USDT.

Bybit pre-market users sell a minimum of 10 million tokens at a price of 70 USDT. To do this, you need to log in to the Bybit pre-market platform, create a sell order and fill in all the required boxes.

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Getgems and Bybit are the only tools to track the price of Notcoin on the pre-market until the team has listed the coin. At the moment, merchants on these two marketplaces are potentially determining the starting price of NOT by their activity when it officially hits the market.

Selling tokens on the pre-market is not mandatory. Users can exchange NOT directly when the token goes on sale, and they lose nothing by not participating in the voucher system or the pre-market sale on Bybit.

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