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Notcoin Will End Coin Mining On April 1

Notcoin Will End Coin Mining On April 1


The popular Telegram game Notcoin is ready to end its coin mining phase on April 1.

On the social media channels, the Notcoin team announced the end of the coin mining phase on April 1. The message was released right after an unusual in-game teaser in the form of a glitch where attentive players caught the caption "7 days".

The team also shared the message with a clip from Avengers Endgame and the caption "The mining phase ends on April 1."

"The team built the app, but it is you who’ve seen something. Something that is not fit to what one might expect. Absurd, but makes sense. That’s you who got it. That’s all you guys. Me and all the contributors are thankful for every single day and night building it for you, with you," the post also reads.

Despite the announcement of the completion of the mining phase, it is still unclear when the team will release the token. However, rumors suggest that it could happen in the next two weeks. Furthermore, the end of the phase does not mean the end of the game, as the developers have announced. 

Notcoin quickly became a viral Telegram game that amassed a huge user base in record time. Today, the game has more than 30 million users who click on the coin image every day, earning in-game currency. It was initially unclear whether NOT could be exchanged as real cryptocurrency, but the developers recently announced that the coin will be released on The Open Network (TON).

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