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Shardeum Prepares for Mainnet Launch, Offering Exciting Opportunities to Early Adopters

Shardeum Prepares for Mainnet Launch, Offering Exciting Opportunities to Early Adopters


The highly anticipated Shardeum mainnet launch is edging closer, users still have the opportunity to increase their airdrop eligibility. The team behind Shardeum has confirmed that they will airdrop 5% of the token supply to testnet users and node runners.

To participate in the testnet named Sphinx Validator testnet and be eligible for the airdrop, users are required to Obtain SHM Testnet Tokens via the Faucet and interact with the various dapps on the Shardeum testnet.  For a higher chance of receiving an airdrop, consider setting up a validator node. Detailed information on how to set up a validator node can be found on this page.

In addition to the existing Sphinx Validator testnet, Shardeum has unveiled a new parallel testnet named Sphinx Dapp. This testnet aims to facilitate developers and users in deploying and testing applications within the Shardeum ecosystem. By offering a separate platform for testing, developers can deploy their smart contracts and dApps on the Sphinx Dapp testnet without any disruptions caused by the debugging and stabilization processes of the Sphinx Validator Testnet.

Unlike the Sphinx Validator testnet, which relies on a broader set of validators, the Sphinx Dapp testnet will be managed by the Shardeum team, employing a limited number of validators. The Sphinx Dapp testnet will be open to the community, enabling users to explore and stress-test dApps developed by various projects. This approach encourages valuable feedback and active participation from the community, ultimately fostering the growth necessary for a successful mainnet launch. For more details read this article

Users can also take part in the Zealy quest, where simple tasks such as subscribing to social media channels, making reposts, and inviting friends can lead to earning rewards.

Additionally, Shardeum has announced the launch of the Shardeum Leagues campaign. This initiative encourages individuals with unique ideas and interests to establish their own Shardeum community in their respective regions or niches. Shardeum Leagues function as community-run groups, dedicated to raising awareness about Shardeum and promoting its vision of decentralization worldwide. To reward the efforts of these leagues, quarterly rewards amounting to $2,000 will be distributed based on their performance.

Shardeum stands out as an EVM-based Layer 1 blockchain, engineered for linear scalability while providing sustainable low gas fees and upholding genuine decentralization and security through dynamic state sharding. 

To tackle the blockchain trilemma of scalability, security, and decentralization, Shardeum has leveraged Ethereum's established decentralization and security features. By incorporating linear scalability through dynamic sharding and adopting a combination of Proof-of-Quorum and Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanisms, Shardeum has successfully addressed scalability concerns. The dynamic state sharding, a cutting-edge sharding technology, is the backbone of Shardeum's scaling capabilities.

Shardeum managed to secure $18.2 million in seed funding from more than 50 investors worldwide in October 2022. Notable investors such as Jane Street, Struck Crypto, and the Spartan Group have placed their confidence in Shardeum's potential. In July 8. 2023 Shardeum raised $5.4M in strategic round with participation from Amber Group, Galxe, J17 Capital, JSquare, and TRGC, among others. 


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