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Toncoin Jumped 11% In the Last 24 Hours

Toncoin Jumped 11% In the Last 24 Hours


Toncoin has risen 11% to $2.36 in the last 24 hours. What is the reason for the growth of TON blockchain native currency?

Most cryptocurrencies followed Bitcoin today, losing in price. However, Toncoin was among the growth leaders with an 11% gain. At the time of writing, the asset was trading at $2.36.

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Weekly growth of the asset amounted to 8.14%. The trading volume increased by 121% to $92 million.

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The TON ecosystem has been attracting a lot of attention lately. The launch of the Notcoin project based on the TON blockchain, which brought in more than 4 million users in the shortest possible time, could trigger the growth of Toncoin.

Another visible reason for the coin's growth could be the new version of MyTonWallet v17. This version contains an improved staking mechanism, swap functionality and more.

From a technical point of view, Toncoin's increase is due to the position of the RSI index in the overbought area, which indicates the predominance of bulls on the market. The position of the MACD indicator in the green zone also indicates a bullish mood.

Toncoin is a native coin of the TON blockchain. The coin is an essential element in network operations, transactions, gaming, staking and more. This versatility, as well as ongoing updates, is attracting more and more users to the ecosystem. And experts predict Toncoin's price could approach the $2.6 mark by the end of January.

That's not a 100 percent statement. The crypto market is very volatile. Do your own research.

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