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More Than 30% of Blockchain Games Shut Down in 2023

More Than 30% of Blockchain Games Shut Down in 2023


407 blockchain games out of the 1,322 that have ever appeared shut down in 2023. Not everyone has been able to grasp the promising trend.

The Big Blockchain Game List resource estimated that 407 blockchain games were discontinued throughout the entire year of 2023, which is 31% of the total. The first half of the year accounted for 248 failed games, while the second half accounted for 162. What's interesting is that of all the games that were shut down, 69% didn't make it past the development stage.

In terms of the ratio of blockchain networks, BNB Chain has become the leader in the number of discontinued games. Polygon comes next with 17 of those games. Ethereum lost 10 games in the second half of the year, while Solana and SUI each lost 9. Another 15% of unsuccessful games did not disclose information about the blockchain used.

The main reason for the discontinued games was due to funding issues and the general state of the market. While this is quite inherent to various small games, two big ones made the list, Blankos Block Party and Goals. Blankos Block Party's developer previously stated that it would focus on developing a mobile version. Meanwhile, Goals raised $15 million back in 2022 and another $40 million in 2023. Still, that didn't help the game stay afloat, and the developers announced that they have abandoned plans for blockchain integration.

Betting on blockchain gaming

Despite such dismal numbers, the crypto community is still hopeful about the positive development of the blockchain gaming industry. The fourth quarter of last year was marked by the emergence of 65 new blockchain-based games. 11% of them support multiple networks, indicating the beginning of a new trend in the industry. Arbitrum was the leading network, with 9% of new games choosing it. Optimism, Immutable and Ethereum each covered 8% of the games on this list.

The traditional gaming industry is ready to enter the Web3 world. According to the Blockchain Game Alliance report, almost 20% of companies plan to grow in the blockchain gaming sector in 2024. Meanwhile, Animoca Brands said that 2024 will be a period of "cleaning up" the blockchain industry.

Market participants are now returning to the blockchain gaming industry, reviving the trend. Just last week, a new and still unknown Notcoin game based on the TON blockchain broke a record by registering more than 4 million users in just one week. The clicker game was attracted by the ease of "mining" the yet-to-be-released meme coin Notcoin.

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Combining trends and a referral link system showed impressive results, which immediately became a topic of discussion in the community. While some people continue to enjoy the game, and others are rejecting the project, calling it a scam,we decided to check Notcoin for legitimacy. You can read the results in a special article.

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