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Tribute Will Pay Cashback for Purchases and Donations in Telegram in TON

Tribute Will Pay Cashback for Purchases and Donations in Telegram in TON


The service for monetizing Telegram channels will pay cashback in the form of TON to everyone who purchases something or supports their favorite authors and channels.

The Tribute service, which monetizes work in Telegram channels, announced cashback payments in TON to its users. Now, for purchasing digital goods or supporting authors through @wallet-bot in Telegram, authors can receive 3% cashback in the form of the TON cryptocurrency.

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How to Get Cashback?

Step 1: Buy a digital product or support the author or channel with a donation in any currency through the @wallet bot in Tribute.

Step 2: The service calculates 3% cashback from your purchase, converts the amount into TON at the current rate, and credits it to your Wallet.

Step 3: Cashback will be credited to your Wallet within two weeks after the purchase, and the transaction itself can be tracked in the Tribute bot.

The minimum cashback amount is 0.000001 TON, but the organizers ask you to note that cashback is not awarded for subscriptions.

Telegram will now accept payment in the form of its virtual currency, Telegram Stars. How this will work in conjunction with cashback is not yet clear; we should expect updates from Tribute. However, at the time of writing the news, no changes have yet occurred in cashback from purchases and donations, so we will monitor the situation together.

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