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Best AI Tools to Predict Cryptocurrency Prices

Best AI Tools to Predict Cryptocurrency Prices


In this article, we present our pick for the best AI crypto prediction tools that are setting new benchmarks in data forecasting and prediction.

The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology 

The advent and development of cryptocurrencies, symbolizing a financial revolution, has dominated the news for the last decade. It's clear now that 2023 was a landmark year for Artificial Intelligence, with a major advancement occurring in late 2022 when OpenAI introduced its groundbreaking ChatGPT language model to the world. This jaw-dropping technology has left virtually no industry untouched. 

AI has quickly become a game-changer in business operations, making its presence felt in the cryptocurrency market as well. AI-based crypto projects have seen a notable surge in interest.

Cryptocurrency has transformed into a popular investment tool in recent years and accurately predicting the fluctuation of cryptocurrency values is the key for successful trading.

As we step into 2024, the influence of AI on business forecasting and predictive analytics is undeniable.

These AI-driven forecasting and prediction tools, powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, are analyzing historical data to identify patterns and trends. These tools then apply these insights to predicting crypto prices with greater accuracy and efficiency. 

AI-backed tools are more effective for forecasting compared to traditional methods due to their capacity to process vast volumes of data. Furthermore, their ability to adapt their models based on new data enhances the precision of their predictions over time.

In this article, we present our pick for the best AI crypto prediction tools that are setting new benchmarks in data forecasting and prediction.

Best Crypto AI Prediction Apps in 2024

#1 - Fetch.ai 

Source and Copyright: Fetch.ai

Fetch.ai is a platform that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with blockchain technology. The core focus of Fetch.ai is to streamline business operations like data handling and trading through automation. 

The platform supports the development of self-operating agents, which function as tools powered by AI. Fetch.ai is designed to manage a variety of complicated tasks such as sophisticated analytics, decision-making processes, and predictive modeling. Within its ecosystem, the various bots and tools are programmed to interact with each other. For transactions and exchanges within this system, FET, its native digital currency, is utilized.

#2 - CryptoPrediction

Source and Copyright: CryptoPrediction

CryptoPrediction employs artificial intelligence, machine learning, and complex algorithms to analyze historical data from cryptocurrency exchanges. Its main objective is to aid traders in discovering promising new cryptocurrency projects.

The tool offers complimentary price forecasts for over 19,000 different cryptocurrencies. It boasts of providing updated data every 5 minutes for cryptocurrencies with significant market capitalization. Furthermore, CryptoPredictions.com equips its users with helpful tools like crypto filters, an automated currency conversion feature, and a bespoke prediction chart.

#3 - WalletInvestor

Source and Copyright: WalletInvestor

WalletInvestor is the tool for forecasting cryptocurrency prices, utilizing machine learning algorithms to provide daily and long-term predictions for over 880 digital currencies. The website's forecasts, extending up to five years, are grounded in technical analysis, historical market data, and trend analysis.

Users can easily navigate the site by selecting their desired asset or category. For instance, choosing the cryptocurrency section brings up detailed charts, future projections, and price comparisons. 

The website provides monthly forecasts of daily lows, highs, and average prices for cryptocurrencies. However, predictions for currencies with lower trading volumes are generally limited to the upcoming months.

#4 - Numerai  

Source and Copyright: Numerai

Numerai is a decentralized intelligence platform, offering rewards to users who contribute their data and deliver precise forecasts. This platform is centered around enhancing its collective intelligence by generating market forecasts and predictions.

Contributors whose data benefits Numerai's system are rewarded with NMR tokens. The use of blockchain technology ensures the privacy of traders, allowing them to share information while maintaining anonymity.

Its standout feature is its linkage to theNumerai hedge fund. Here, contributors stake tokens on predictive models, promoting competitive atmosphere. This model promotes the creation of top-performing trading algorithms and introduces an innovative method for incentivizing participation in the cryptocurrency space. 

#5 -TradingBeasts

Source and Copyright: TradingBeasts

TradingBeasts is a cryptocurrency prediction tool offering daily price forecasts for a variety of cryptocurrencies. Catering to both short-term and long-term investment strategies, the site is equipped with an array of technical analysis tools to aid crypto investors in making well-informed decisions.

TradingBeasts resents comprehensive monthly projections, including the high, low, average, and closing prices, along with the percentage changes for each cryptocurrency. 

Its predictions are based on real-market data gathered from various exchanges, utilizing algorithmic methods along with linear and polynomial regression analyses to formulate its forecasts.


Cryptocurrencies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two of the biggest game-changers in technology today. When they come together, they create exciting new opportunities and innovations. 

By combining AI with blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies, we're seeing some amazing new developments. This partnership is likely to grow even stronger over time.

The rise of AI in crypto means that AI crypto tokens might be the next big thing to watch. However, as always if you intend to engage in trading any of these tokens, make sure to DYOR before taking any action.


How to predict crypto prices? Is there any way to predict cryptocurrency with AI?

Yes, AI and machine learning algorithms can be used to predict cryptocurrency prices. They analyze historical data and market trends to make forecasts. Websites like CryptoPrediction and WalletInvestor use such technologies for their predictions.

Is there any app to predict cryptocurrency?

Yes, there are various apps and websites that offer cryptocurrency price predictions. Read our articles to find out. 

What is the best crypto prediction for AI?

The effectiveness of AI in crypto prediction varies by platform. Naming a single "best" AI tool is challenging since each offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The above-mentioned top 5 AI tools provide a solid starting point for those interested in this sector. 

Can AI predictions for cryptocurrency always be trusted?

While AI provides sophisticated analysis, its predictions are not foolproof and should be used alongside other research and due diligence.

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