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How to Start Mining HOT in Telegram: Detailed Review and Instructions

How to Start Mining HOT in Telegram: Detailed Review and Instructions


A new star has appeared on the horizon of Web-3 gaming — HOT from the Near Wallet. What is it: another "tap-tap-game" created on the hype of mining applications in Telegram, a scam, a promising project? We decided to figure out the next trending project in the crypto world.

Near Protocol: a Brief Summary

NEAR Protocol is an open-source platform that allows developers to create applications that scale to billions of users across all blockchains.

Source and Copyright © Near Protocol

NEAR provides the ability to create decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts, providing high performance and bandwidth. The platform has partnered with well-known giants, such as Google, Alibaba, Polygon and others, and in general has been developing its products in a single ecosystem for many years.

NEAR Protocol includes the native cryptocurrency NEAR, which is used for all transactions on the network, as well as for staking by validator nodes.

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What Is a HOT-Near Wallet in Telegram?

The new NEAR — Near Wallet project is a Telegram mini-application that allows you to store NEAR, USDT cryptocurrencies, as well as mine HOT tokens. HOT is an important element of the NEAR ecosystem in Telegram that allows users to participate in the mining of a new cryptocurrency.

Source and Copyright © NEAR

The screenshot above shows the description of HOT Near Wallet from the Near platform itself.

Near Protocol in X shared the launch of the wallet and coin mining with the following message:

Sure, it's similar to Notcoin, but how similar? While that analysis is pending, let's explore public opinions on HOT within X.

X-Community and HOT: What Do People Think About the New Mining Project?

The community in X is actively discussing a new mining project. So, someone brags about their achievements, someone encourages people to register using their referral links, and someone shares life hacks on how to mine HOT efficiently, quickly, and a lot.

User Knee made a post where he suggested that even with the current price of $0, the potential of HOT could reach thousands of dollars. 

Another user of X, Pi Payment, decided to analyze in more detail why it is worth mining HOT. So, he highlighted the advantages

There are users, such as Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe, who share life hacks on how to get around mining bugs, including connecting VPN services (this, by the way, is good advice; it worked for us):

Also users share interesting life hacks on HOT mining:

Some people try to warn new users that if they are not ready to donate at least $1, then it is better not to "dive" into HOT at all:

The HOT DAO account boasts that more than 1.7 million people are already mining HOT. Not bad for a Telegram mining bot:

These were the main reactions to the bot miner in Telegram. In general, we did not find any negativity, because the NEAR project itself has a fairly large pool of supporters, as well as a reputation and a long-running history of development in the market.

How to Start Mining HOT

HOT mining is available through the NEAR Wallet mini-application in Telegram, where you can store NEAR, USDT, and mine HOT. In order to start mining HOT on Telegram, you need to log into the official bot. Next, you need to create a wallet and then request the first free HOT token, which starts the mining process.

Next, the application will ask you to securely save the "Seed phrase" and "Private key", and then create an account.

After registration, the user gets to the main page of the screen; he needs to click on the "claim" area to get his HOT:

Next comes a clear instruction for new users: how HOT works and why you need to mine it. 

By clicking on the Claim in the fourth screenshot, HOT mining begins. Below is the main screen of the mini-game, and in the second screenshot there is a "storage", where the tokens store.

HOT mining is uncomplicated, but more complex than that of Notcoin: the user receives 0.01 HOT every hour for two hours. Every two hours, you must manually collect your savings (such conditions are given by default and without improvements). How much can you collect HOT without boosts? If you collect coins every two hours — 0.24 coins. Not so much, would you agree? This is certainly not a million NOTs in a day.

We'll talk about specific improvements later. Now let's look at what is on the main screen of our repository. The first tab "Gas" contains gas, which helps us to collect savings. To collect the mined coins, we will need to spend gas, about $0.005. It is necessary to pay for the fee, because when receiving HOT coins, the user makes a signature request in the NEAR blockchain itself. The first three gases are given to us for free (3 pcs.), there are additional ones for subscriptions to different social networks.

Next, you will need to pay out of your own funds, for real, and the game gives us two options to choose from:

  1. Fee payments in NEAR (~ $0.005)
  2. 30% of earned HOT tokens for one claim (now the bot has technical failures, so, as some users report, you can click on the button, but nothing will be written off)

Now let's move on to the second tab of the repository: improvements or boosts. Three pumping options will be available to us: 

  • The storage can be pumped with the help of mined HOT coins and made so that it fills up faster, and the number of hours is reduced. That is, you take more coins and less time. There are 6 storage levels in total, and the highest, the fifth (counting from 0), allows you to mine for 24 hours with a maximum volume of 10 HOT.
  • You can also pump a fireplace, the second boost on the list, which is responsible for the speed of filling coins. The levels are the same as above, five, and the maximum allows you to mine 0.05 HOT per hour.
  • Next comes the wood, which also accelerates the extraction of HOT, but in several times. To get a multiplied profit from mining, you need to complete various tasks. At the time of publication, the following tasks are available in the application:

Download the NEAR — HEAR Wallet application, make a deposit of 0.5 NEAR to the account, as well as a deposit of 1 USDT to the account using NEAR, well, and finally, send a link to the mini-game to a friend. The tasks will be completed.

Next, on the main storage screen, we can see the "Friends" tab, which, similar to Notcoin, means the presence of a referral system. The bottom line is that for each invited friend, the user receives 20% of the extraction of his coins, and if a friend brings a friend, then 5% from his friend:

Recently, a fourth tab, "Apps" or applications, has also appeared. This resembles the Notcoin mechanics, where there are built-in mobile applications that allow you to increase the number of NOT. The system is the same here, but there are very few applications yet. Plus, the HOT developers offer players to invest HOT in tokens.

We have reviewed the tabs, now we move on to squads, oh, sorry, to villages:

The scheme repeats Notcoin: you can invite friends there, receive rewards for general HOT mining, become leaders, and receive even more rewards. In general, everything is quite clear. At this stage, by the way, you can create your village. But, in the experience of Notcoin, this feature may be removed soon.

Everything seems to be reviewed in the setting, let's move on to the battle of the Titans!

So After All, Is HOT the "New Notcoin"?

To begin with, let's say that HOT really took all the best from Notcoin, seasoned it with a fairly transparent reputation and more real mining rewards. There is huge excitement about this coin on the web, and this excitement is serious and confidential. To understand if they are trying to "sell" Notcoin in a new wrapper, let's look at all the nuances of both projects.

Mini-game Type

Like Notcoin, HOT Wallet is built into Telegram, but there is one big difference: HOT can also be run on a PC! In Notcoin, you either launch the emulator or just log into the mini-game via your smartphone.

HOT can even be played on a computer or laptop, which is very convenient. Personally, for us, the authors who are testing the applications for review, it is more convenient to work with a PC, because you can immediately take a screenshot and paint the features without additional devices.

Mining Type

Mining NOT is much easier, just for you to know. You tap at the screen, you get coins, and a lot of coins. Starting from 1k to 5k and more at improved levels for one gameplay session. Some, with the help of autoclickers, generally mine several million, if not dozens tokens, per day!

But things are a little more complicated with HOT. Here you mine in passive mode, that is, you do not participate specifically in mining, and monitor progress. In HOT, it is advisable not to forget to collect the mined tokens, replenish the Gas so that you can collect coins, as well as deal with the operation/non-operation of the "claim" button. In general, mining HOT is a real challenge, but if you can invite a lot of friends, complete tasks for additional rewards, and pump up your storage, then, of course, things will go better.


The boosts in Notcoin are more obvious, as it seemed to us. That is, you can easily pump each of them to the maximum level and not notice the loss of coins. In HOT, the boosts are not so obvious, they have benefits, but you understand it over time, thus, you have to try to pump up and make a profit from it. Plus, HOT lacks a clicker bot like Notcoin, which could collect coins by himself. However, this does not make HOT less legitimate, rather, on the contrary, it seems more reliable, since obtaining coins is difficult, as in this work. Notcoin is not that difficult, of course.

Reward Challenges

The tasks for additional rewards in HOT are slightly more serious than in Notcoin. If you need to subscribe to some channels in Notcoin (moreover, the scheme still works: just go to the account you need to subscribe to, do not subscribe, but Telegram still reads that you have subscribed), go and browse the site, play a game, get a new level of mining and much more but simple. On the other hand, you need to invest financially in HOT if you want to upgrade and get more coins. So, you need to buy NEAR, top up your account with USDT, not forgetting that you will also need to receive Gas for a fee after using the free lights. In general, HOT is a more serious story in terms of rewards and tasks, but everyone decides for themselves whether to invest money there or not, so conduct your research carefully and be attentive.

Trust In the Project and Prospects

We can say that we are now moving towards the birth of a new era of games based on Telegram bots. Token mining can also be attributed there. Video cards are moving away, now you can safely mine through your smartphone — easily and without SMS and registrations (well, almost).

HOT turned out to be no less tenacious and workable, because there are already more than 1.7 million miners in the application. Online users support the hype around the project because they believe in the rising price of the coin and the reputation of NEAR Protocol. After all, the platform has been on the market for a long time, has established itself as a promising and successful project, is developing its network and helping others to develop. This cannot be said about Notcoin. Let the project be associated with TON, but there is no official information about who and what is actually behind the mini-game.

Users believe that being a part of the NEAR ecosystem, HOT will prove itself and stand on a par with the company's already successful projects. This means that the HOT coin will have a value, that is, all the efforts of the players will benefit.

We have no doubt that other developers will soon try to repeat the experience of Notcoin, which undoubtedly became the breakthrough of the year, but remember that it is too early to talk about legitimacy and official launch — we are still waiting for the legalization of the coin through listing on official major crypto exchanges.

We remind you that before investing in any projects, you should carefully study them, analyze them and weigh all the risks. Be careful and follow the news of the projects that interest you.

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