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Top 5 Telegram-Based Games Similar to Hamster Kombat

Top 5 Telegram-Based Games Similar to Hamster Kombat


You've likely already heard about the buzz surrounding the Hamster Kombat game, even if you have zero knowledge of gaming or cryptocurrency. What's all the excitement about these new clicker games, and which ones are currently trending? Read our article to discover the top Telegram-based games you can play right now.

2023 may have been the year of artificial intelligence, but 2024 seems to be a year of the rise of Telegram mini-games, featuring "tap-to-earn" and "play-to-earn" mechanics. 

Worldwide, more than 1 billion users use Telegram for instant communication. Just imagine the potential of Telegram to draw crypto newcomers into its ecosystem. This familiarity plus the fact that these games require no monetary investments lowers the barrier for newcomers to the crypto world, allowing them to dive into playing crypto games on Telegram without the need to familiarize themselves with a new platform. 

Moreover, the opportunity to earn through gaming has revived interest among former users and attracted those who know nothing about cryptocurrencies. The gameplay mechanics of tap-to-earn games are generally similar:

  • Players tap on the screen to earn coins.
  • They enhance the power of their taps, the energy levels, and the speed of energy recovery.
  • Completing in-game tasks rewards players with bonuses.
  • Daily boosts are utilized to enhance gameplay.

How It All Started?

It all started with Notcoin, a game our team has extensively covered through numerous articles. Since its inception, Notcoin has rapidly enormous popularity, drawing millions into the Web3 space with its engaging tap-to-earn mechanic, eventually leading to its listing and providing real monetary value to its players. Now, numerous developers, from large corporations to smaller teams, are trying to replicate Notcoin's success by creating their own engaging mini-apps.

Currently, the most popular game appears to be Hamster Kombat, where players earn coins by tapping on a hamster within a Telegram-based mini-app. Players accumulate points that can be used to develop a fictional crypto exchange managed by a "hamster CEO". This involves strategies such as enabling margin trading, listing new meme coins, and enforcing "anti-money laundering" policies. Successful strategies boost the point earnings rate.

With over 31 million players, Hamster Kombat is just one of many successful games in this genre. Let's delve into five similar games that are worth checking out this summer.

#1 – Catizen 

Source & Copyright: Catizen.ai

Catizen is cat-themed Telegram game that integrates GameFi, the Metaverse, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since concluding its Beta phase on March 19, the game has attracted over 10 million users, with daily active users now topping 1.6 million and on-chain transactions hitting 8.9 million.

On-chain data reveals that Catizen's in-game earnings have surpassed $10 million, establishing it as the largest crypto gaming community on Telegram and the most rapidly expanding app within the TON ecosystem.

The primary objective in Catizen is to merge same-level cats to form a higher-level cat, which in turn generates more coins. Player engagement with cats within the game's metaverse also boosts coin earnings. 

Catizen employs a PLAY-TO-AIRDROP model, where players' actions like breeding cats, fishing, and collecting coins qualify them for a future airdrop. 

#2 – The Pixels

Source and Copyright: The Pixels X 

The Pixels, a tap-to-earn game on the Ton blockchain through Telegram, has rapidly attracted a large number of users with its engaging gameplay. This game allows players to compete for space on a digital canvas consisting of a million pixels (1024x1024). Any Telegram community, such as groups or channels, can join by forming squads aimed at painting specific areas on the canvas collaboratively.

Once a squad is formed, the leader can select a particular image as the team's goal, choose a section of the canvas, and invite others to participate. Team members cooperate to paint their chosen area, with each player able to color one pixel every seven seconds. This setup leads to a dynamic competition as the objectives of different teams overlap, creating ongoing battles for control over certain areas of the canvas.

Moreover, the game features its own virtual currency, $PXL. Players earn $PXL by coloring pixels, inviting new players, and creating pixel art on the canvas. This currency can be used to buy boosters that allow players to color up to five pixels at once, thus increasing their influence and strategic options in the game.

#3 – ARBUZ Clicker 

Source and Copyright: tonarbuz.fun

ARBUZ Clicker ($ARBUZ) has caught the eye with its innovative approach. This clicker game merges traditional gaming elements with a decentralized framework, allowing players to earn watermelons by simply clicking on the screen. The project combines entertainment with economic incentives, appealing to both gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is also part of the TON ecosystem and The Open League.

A key feature of ARBUZ Clicker is its focus on community involvement. Players engage with the platform through button clicks, task completion, and other in-game activities, earning $ARBUZ tokens—the game’s native cryptocurrency. These tokens can be staked, traded, or utilized on the platform for extra advantages.

The tokenomics of ARBUZ are notably complex compared to other meme coins, featuring a variety of methods to maintain token value and utility. 

#4 – Capybara 

Capybara is a Telegram mini-game running on the Sui blockchain. It offers straightforward yet captivating gameplay where players gather coins by interacting with a virtual Capybara.

In this game, players are sorted into five Leagues depending on their coin tally. Each League, starting from the "Famished" at the bottom, has its own Leaderboard that showcases players based on their coin earnings. Moving up to a higher League rewards players with one-time bonuses, enhancing the game's competitive nature.

Additionally, players can either form or join Teams. Any public Telegram channel or chat can act as a Team platform. When team members feed the Capybara, each food item contributes an equivalent number of coins to the team's total. Teams not only compete against each other on a dedicated Teams leaderboard but also maintain internal rankings that display members based on their coin accumulation.

#5 – Tap Fantasy

Tap Fantasy is a free-to-play MMORPG that allows players to delve into the expansive open world of Odom, where they can battle monsters, engage in PvP combat, and earn both cryptocurrency tokens and NFTs. This game stands out as the first and only large-scale MMORPG on the TON Chain.

The game unfolds in the fantastical, tile-based world of Odom. Players start by customizing their adventurers’ appearance and gender. They navigate their characters across various regions or tiles, embarking on quests to recruit heroes found in different areas. These heroes come in 15 diverse classes, from blademasters to warlocks, and assist players in combating monsters to collect food, resources, and equipment.

In Tap Fantasy, gameplay involves screen interactions; while simple tapping suffices for battles, navigating through Odom requires players to strategically “beat the path” to their destinations. Unlike the straightforward tapping in games like Notcoin, Tap Fantasy also offers a desktop version playable via Telegram, enhancing accessibility beyond just smartphone use.

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