What Is ARBUZ Clicker ($ARBUZ) and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR

What Is ARBUZ Clicker ($ARBUZ) and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR


Tap on the screen and get…watermelons. Sounds interesting. Let’s explore the new built-in Telegram game ARBUZ Clicker (watermelon clicker), check if it’s a new Notcoin, and understand whether it is a scam.

ARBUZ Clicker ($ARBUZ) is a relatively new project in the cryptocurrency space that has garnered attention for its unique approach to blockchain-based gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi). Positioned as a "clicker" game, ARBUZ Clicker incorporates elements of gaming mechanics into its decentralized platform, offering users to earn watermelons through gameplay, by clicking the screen. The project aims to blend entertainment with financial incentives, attracting gamers and crypto enthusiasts. In addition, the project is one of the TON ecosystem projects, part of The Open League.

One of the distinguishing features of ARBUZ Clicker is its emphasis on community engagement and participation. Users can interact with the platform by clicking buttons, completing tasks, and engaging in various in-game activities to earn $ARBUZ tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the ARBUZ Clicker ecosystem. These tokens can then be staked, traded, or used within the platform for additional benefits.

However, we’ve already seen the Notcoin clicker game and what happened to it: it became so popular, that the creators decided to list it! Here we have already listed the token; but, this token, $ARBUZ…Could it be a scam?

ARBUZ Clicker Reviews and Opinions: X and Reddit

Initial reviews of ARBUZ Clicker on platforms like X and discussions on Reddit offer a mixed bag of opinions. 

X Opinions

At first, we asked our subscribers in X, and here are the answers: 

Then, of course, we searched the opinions in the X community and got messed up conclusions. 

On one side, people share their best wishes for the $ARBUZ token and its growth, waiting for the listing, and think that it’s the best meme token among all of the TON projects:

On the other side, we’ve found an opinion about the $ARBUZ token being a scam:

However, that was the only bad opinion about it. 

Why have we said that the opinions are messed up? Because there are not so many of them in general, that’s why we can’t make the full picture of people’s opinions. It seems that not everyone knows about this project. Or don’t share their feedback so actively. 

Let’s move to Reddit. 

Reddit Opinions 

Reddit opinions were also…strange. One of the posts about the $ARBUZ token was, as people in the comments (plus we) think, written by an AI. 

Source and Copyright © Reddit

Source and Copyright © Reddit

Another post we’ve found duplicated the text above:

Source and Copyright © Reddit

One more post was about the token listing (Turkish version):

Source and Copyright © Reddit 

That’s all, folks! Yep, we’re also a bit confused, because no one in Reddit talks about the ARBUZ clicker game.

Thus, we still have something to analyze and the mark we put for this part of our Scamometer analysis is the following:

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

The strength and engagement of a project's community can often indicate its longevity and support. 

As we can see, Arbuz has an X account, a Telegram channel, a Telegram bot, and a website

The X account has 40,7k followers and not so many posts. However, the activity on the page is quite okay — 100 likes, 50 comments, and 50 reposts on Average. On the account’s page, you may notice updates, listing news, and community discussion. 

The Telegram channel with 347k+ followers seems to be a place, where the creators (or people related to them) share the latest updates and news. It is very personal and, to be honest, toxic. Maybe it’s the way people communicate, but the channel looks like somebody’s personal one. 

The website looks as the following: 

Source and Copyright © tonarbuz.fun

The website looks like a typical memecoin website. However, the website also has a gamification part: you can claim $ARBUZ tokens (for $TON) and get 10 $ARBUZ for that. This claim might’ve been stopped or paused, so check the latest updates on the website. There are no more informational details, no additional info, no team members, and no whitepaper. Yep, that project claims to be a fun project; however, memecoin with the team page and whitepaper would be a great thing to review, isn’t it? 

Founders and Investors of ARBUZ Clicker

Transparency regarding a project's founders and investors is paramount in evaluating its legitimacy. 

If to talk about the founders of the Arbuz Clicker, there is no official information on the web about them, as about the investors. However, there was one rumor about the creators. They say people, who owned most of $ARBUZ decided to make an airdrop via the Arbuz Clicker game. Because of that today many people tap to get most watermelons, spend mined watermelons to buy ratings, and to be among the biggest “tappers.” 

This may be only a rumor but who knows…For now, this part gets the following mark:

$ARBUZ Tokenomics: Supply, Allocation, Use Case

Understanding the tokenomics of $ARBUZ is essential for investors to grasp its utility and potential value. Examining factors such as token supply, allocation, and use case can provide insights into its economic model and long-term viability. Investors should assess whether $ARBUZ serves a tangible purpose within the ecosystem and whether its distribution is fair and sustainable.

As the $ARBUZ Tokenomics we have the following:

Source and Copyright © tonarbuz.fun

As we see, a certain amount of tokens isn’t in the current supply, it’s burned or locked to make a demand, so, after, the price could go up. At the same time, tokenomics differs from the other memecoins: it is more detailed, has many diverse sources to keep tokens, etc. 

This is quite interesting because creators talk about fun and joy when explaining the main goal of the project, but tokenomics looks like a serious project with 100% utility! As of utility…we do not have the official information from the Team. At least we can’t blame them: this is still the memecoin.

$ARBUZ Current Price

Source and Copyright © TradingView

It was quite interesting to analyze the price of the $ARBUZ token. We decided, as usual, to see what Trading View would show us, and found the chart above: 1 $ARBUZ = 0.0031722801USDT. The chart looks true until we check the exchanges, where the token is listed.

Source and Copyright © DeDust

Source and Copyright © ston.fi

As you can see, there you might change 1 $ARBUZ for $2.98. As the tokenomics said, the token price is around $3, but, why did Trading View show another price? Maybe it’s not the $Arbuz we need or is it the price it really costs? We guess we won’t find it out soon, but we might check the reason for these differences later. 

Bottom Line: Is ARBUZ Clicker a Scam or Not?

At first, in conclusion, we’d like to mention that the Arbuz Clicker game is a bit easier than Notcoin, because, at least, when you buy boosts, they give you huge possibilities and amounts of mined watermelons. Notcoin didn’t offer that.

However, at the same time, $ARBUZ creators thought of the bug Notcoin had: now they gave you a warning that if you unfollow the groups that give you additional points, it will suspend twice reward — a good thing for those, who want an easy earning.

In conclusion, ARBUZ Clicker presents itself as an intriguing yet contentious project in the cryptocurrency space. This project represents a novel fusion of gaming and DeFi, aiming to captivate users with its gamified experience while also providing opportunities for earning cryptocurrency rewards. By combining entertainment with financial incentives, ARBUZ Clicker seeks to carve out a niche within the evolving landscape of blockchain-based applications and decentralized finance.

By examining reviews, opinions, and key aspects, we can better navigate the complexities of this emerging opportunity, empowering ourselves to make informed decisions in an ever-evolving landscape. As with any investment, conducting due diligence and staying informed are paramount to success. While the project may offer innovative features and potential opportunities for earning rewards, inherent risks such as volatility, smart contract vulnerabilities, and regulatory uncertainty should be carefully considered.

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