MomoAI game — what is it and how to play it?

MomoAI game — what is it and how to play it?


Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of everyday life for many. How is he connected with the new MomoAI Telegram game and what does a tree have to do with it? Read our article to learn more.

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of everyday life for many. Surely you have already managed to get acquainted with the possibilities of this technology. But what would you think if we said that artificial intelligence and plants can be closely linked? Sounds weird enough, doesn't it? But not in the world of Web3 games! Today we will continue to expand your horizons and tell you about one interesting project — MomoAI. What is interesting about this Telegram game, why should you pay attention to it and what does plants have to do with it? Read our article so as not to miss the hot news in the world of crypto games.

What is MomoAI?

MomoAI is a Telegram mini-app from MetaOasis. The goal of the game is to grow a tree and collect kiwis. The more kiwis you collect, the more you will earn (but this is not accurate). In the future, Airdrop tokens of $MTOS should be distributed for kiwi. The project uses TON and Solana networks to work, and Solana is the main blockchain that needs to be interacted with for successful participation.​ 

The project aims to integrate artificial intelligence technologies into the game to "create a more intelligent and immersive user experience." How is this supposed to work? For example, when faced with problems in the game, users will be able to seek help from AI. Such a method of interacting with artificial intelligence would really bring a new sense of immersion into the gameplay. But, since the game is quite fresh, all this is still under development. The project is quite interesting and worthy of attention, but you should not run headlong and invest your money in it without proper analysis. Don't forget about DYOR. And we will help you to understand the game in detail.

MomoAI is rethinking the principle of fairness in Web3, returning most tokens to the community, giving the market the opportunity to determine their true value. At least, that's what the project says on the official website. Whether this is the case and how to start collecting velvety fruit - now we will analyze everything in stages. 

How to play MomoAI?

To start collecting kiwi (KIWI is the in-game token), you need, as usual, to go to Telegram-Bot and start the game.

We don't get into the gameplay right away — to begin with, the application asks us to log in using an invitation code that can be found in the Telegram group. It's easy to get into it, just click “Join Group”, copy the code from there, go back to the mini-application, enter it and click “Connecting now". Now we are reade to play the game!

MomoAI then briefly explains how to play the game:

  • Drawing cards and getting luckypots to gain points
  • Points are used to level up the tree

  • Total Kiwis on the SOL decide your ranking
  • Kiwi in storage and 1 hour yield. Claim to SOL as the basis for the ranking of the airdrop. Claim in time, it will not increase when its full
  • Current Kiwi number ranking

After all the explanations, we finally get into the game itself. What do we see? Some kind of magical tree and a man running in different directions, who takes care of it. And then what? In fact, everything is simple (but not free). In order to collect KIWI, you will first have to connect your wallet and top up your SOL balance. Having done this, we will be able to collect tokens 2 times a day with a frequency of no earlier than 4 hours between collections. To collect KIWI, click the ”Claim" button. Please note that collecting these tokens is not free: the cost of the first collection is 0.004 SOL and the subsequent ones: 0.00001 SOL 

It turns out that this is another project that you first need to invest in before you start playing. Whether to do it or not is up to you, always think with your own head. But still, we strongly recommend that you always carefully research the project before spending your resources on it. We will only say that games where you are asked to pay first smack of financial pyramids, which are clearly better avoided.

We are glad that tokens can be obtained by simply logging into the game daily. On the first day, you can get 500 coins, and on the 9th day as many as 4,500 coins. To get them, click “Check" on the main screen.

By completing tasks that will appear in the “Task“ section daily, you can also receive KIWI coins or game cards, which we will discuss further.

In the “Draw“ section, we have the opportunity to open game cards. There are 3 types of cards in total:

  • white
  • gold
  • red

Depending on the color, they give a certain number of points. You can share points from the dropped card with other users or use the points you receive to further improve and upgrade the tree (by pressing the LV button on the main screen). More wood means more kiwi.

That's all. You don't need to tap anything. The little man will deal with the tree himself. All you need to do is collect kiwi every 4 hours and do not forget to replenish your wallet. Is it fun? We are not sure. But maybe this game will appeal to those who are tired of Hamster Kombat the tap-to-earn principle and just want to enjoy a mini-game with beautiful graphics. Maybe someone took a closer look at a cute, little man running around a tree? Or maybe not. It's up to you. 

Tokenomics of the project

Players can use $MTOS to purchase various in-game assets. Total tokens are $MTOS 2 billion. and they are distributed as follows:

  • 35,5% — Crowdfunding
  • 34% — Long-term Node Players Pool
  • 12,5% — Airdrop
  • 5% — Team and Advisor
  • 5% — Liquidity
  • 5% — Markting
  • 5% — Community and Contributor Incentive

Not bad. But how will it end up? Time will show. In the meantime, we are waiting for a possible listing and looking at the project roadmap:

Q1 2024

  • MOMO 1.0 Launch: Release of the initial version of MOMO.
  • Global User Growth: Implementation of the international user expansion plan.
  • Expanding Telegram Reach: Increasing users in the Telegram ecosystem.
  • Segmented User Engagement Approach

Q2 2024

  • WL Node Launch and Public Node Sale
  • Airdrop Event #2 Goes Live
  • Weed Plan Initiation
  • New Version of Official Website Launch

Q3 2024

  • First Ecosystem Game Release: Launch of the inaugural MOMO ecosystem game.
  • Crowdfunding Token Release Event (if the crowdfunding is successful)
  • Airdrop Release Event
  • MOMO 2.0 Launch: Game Matrix
  • Developer Platform: Initiation of support for game developers.
  • Developer Support: Implementation of the developer support program.

Q4 2024

  • First MOMO Game Festival: Hosting the first MOMO game development contest.
  • Launch of 3 Winning Games: Release of the winning entries from the game festival.

Social networks of the project

The first thing that caught our eye while we were studying the project was its website. The developers, apparently, worked hard creating it in order to impress users. The site is really very beautiful and dynamic (unlike the sites of other projects, *ahem*), but more importantly: it is filled with all kinds of information about the project. You can learn all about tokenomics and read the “black” paper. And even tap the hamster button for free to cheer up the project developers.

As for Telegram, you can go to the official channel and follow the latest news of the project. Or visit the group where users communicate about thr game. A certain RAM (@Mukeshchoyal) answers the players' questions, but it is unknown who is hiding behind this name. Is it worth trusting anonymous, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies? Common sense says it's not worth it. But who to trust and who not to trust is solely your decision.

To follow the news, you can also go to Discord or X(Twitter). The activity in X is impressive: almost 510 thousand users follow the project. On average, there are 2 thousand comments and 40 thousand reposts on the posts. Such high activity for a new project usually indicates a cheat, especially considering that not much is known about the project itself and it is quite difficult to find information on third-party sites. Is it so? We'll probably never know for sure. Therefore, we will simply continue to monitor the successes (or failures) of the project and time will tell whether it is worth spending our time on MomoAI.


In general, the project is quite interesting, given the future connection with AI and high user activity. The mechanics of the game are not the simplest, you will first have to figure out how to collect tokens and what to do with them later (that's what we're here for, actually). The fact that we have to invest in a project again to start playing it is a dubious pleasure. But in the end, the decision is yours whether to invest in the project or not. Remember that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, in addition, you can easily stumble upon scammers. To prevent this from happening, always do your own research before making any decisions.

After the stunning success of Notcoin and Hamster Kombat, more and more analogues of these projects are appearing on the market. Will MomoAI be able to keep up with such big projects and not lose sight of the players? We have not yet come up with such oracles that could predict the future of crypto projects, so all that remains for us is to continue exploring the world of Web3 games and try not to step on the rake placed by scammers.

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