Squid.tg — what is it and how to play it?

Squid.tg — what is it and how to play it?


After the success of Notcoin and Hamster Kombat, the mini-game Squid.tg at Telegram is trying to achieve similar success. Will this project succeed and does it have an outlook? Read our article to find out about it.

Squid.tg — what is it and how to play it?

GameFi games never cease to amaze — cats, dogs, elves and many other creatures can be found in different projects. So what is waiting for us this time? Maybe bears or tigers? No, this time we will analyze the Squid.tg with his beautiful squids. They are so sweet! But they also really like your money. Why, how the project attracted so many users and whether it is possible to expect a listing of the SQD token — we will analyze all this now in this article. Let's go!

What is it Squid.tg?

Squid.tg is another P2E game that is integrated into Telegram. But why exactly is she so popular? There is no exact answer to this question, but we believe that users have been attracted to cute pets again, this time to small baby squids. Just look at them, aren't they really cute?

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Jokes aside. Of course, it's not enough to create cute squids to stand out from the competition. What is behind the project and what is its meaning? It was first launched in February this year, but has become popular relatively recently. The point is to hatch game eggs with the help of those cute squids. But why do we need squid eggs? They can be sold and earn income in the form of an in-game token of the game — SQD. And how to start playing Squid.tg we will now look into the details with you. 

How to play Squid.tg?

In order to start playing Squid.tg we buy fishing nets and go with the Cryptonica team on a ship to sea. 


Of course, as always, we switch to the Telegram bot.

By logging into Squid.tg we immediately get a brief instruction on how to play squid. It is quite convenient. The first point informs us that first you need to make an investment by buying the first egg. Whether to invest in this game or not is up to you. But never invest money in a project (even “online” money) that you will not be ready to lose. And we have no other choice, and we click at the icon of the virtual market (which is pointed out to us by a huge Mickey Mouse finger).

You can buy the first egg in the store. You can buy from 100 to 10,000 eggs, and they are sold for at least 0.0004 TON (apparently, the second name of the project is “Notcoin for the rich").

From purchased eggs hatch squids, which will produce new eggs for sale on the in-game market. It is important to note that eggs can be transferred from one account to another with a 10% commission. In order to hatch eggs, just click “hatch” at the bottom of the screen.

For additional earnings in Squid.tg is offered to participate in the referral program, 5% is promised for attracted player.

That's all! The game mechanics are almost as simple as our good old Notcoin. Squid developers.did tg act boldly enough (or was it still brazen?) by demanding to invest in the project in order to be able to play it. But if you are not ready to spend your money on Telegram games, just play others for free, such as, for example, the popular Hamster Kombat

Project token and listing

In order to withdraw tokens Squid.tg you need to use such cryptocurrencies as DeWallet, Bitget Wallet, Tonkeeper and others. In 2024, it is planned to list the token on DEX and verify the coin (but maybe not, no one took an oath). Currently, the SQD project token is traded only on DeDust, and its future prospects are questionable. Squid's online reputation.tg is ambiguous, because there are suspicions of fraud, as indicated by some user reviews. Someone does not receive eggs, and someone is charged an extra commission. Maybe it's a bug. Or maybe not. Be on your guard, friends, always do your own research and don't be fooled!

Social networks of the project

The project has an official website (not bad already). You can find quite a lot of information and instructions for the game on it. A whitepaper is also available (although it is quite scarce). It is noteworthy that there are several Telegram channels: one for news (almost 14 thousand subscribers) , one global chat (about 7 thousand subscribers) and one Russian chat (about 3 thousand subscribers). Activity is average, comments are included (but this is not an indicator that the project can be trusted. Always stay attentive!).

About 12 thousand people follow the project in X. On their account, you can mainly follow the news and announcements of the project. For such a large number of followers, the activity is very low. We recommend that you always conduct your own research before investing in a project. Be aware, friends, no one is protected from scam.


Squid.tg is another interesting project in the TON ecosystem. Is it worth paying attention to it? Definitely, it didn't hurt anyone to play and explore a new Telegram game. But how do we start playing if we are required to invest in the project before that? It's a dubious pleasure, especially when there are so many competitors on the market who offer to participate in the game for free. Never invest money that you won't be willing to lose. After all, any cryptocurrency is associated with risk. Do not forget about the volatility of the market and the usefulness of DYOR, because scamer do not sleep. Even at night.

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