Romance on TON: what is TON Dating and how to use it?

Romance on TON: what is TON Dating and how to use it?


Telegram has launched the TON Dating mini-app, the first dating service built on the TON blockchain. Can you make money from it? How can you sign up and what makes TON Dating different from other services? Read our article to find out more.

Love or money? That's a question many people on our planet ask themselves every day, but not users of Ton Dating. Why and how does this service stand out from its competitors? We've conducted an investigation and today we'll sort it all out for you.

What is TON Dating?

TON Dating is the first online dating service based on The Open Network blockchain. It has been available to all Telegram users since June 18th. One of its main features is an advanced filtering system that prevents bots, scammers, and anonymous users from joining. This ensures that users only communicate with real people.

To use the service, users must go through an identity verification process. The head of TON Dating, Vladimir Makhov, who was also the head of VK Dating, promises a unique dating experience within a safe community. Users can also monetize their time spent on the app.

It sounds good, considering that scammers are often found on dating services (and they are just very strange people that you would try to avoid in real life). However, TON Dating does not just filter users at the registration stage. Men, please be prepared to pay, as the subscription price starts at 2500 Telegram Stars (1 month) and can reach up to 20,000 Stars (yearly), which equates to around $65 and $400 respectively. Well, it's not the cheapest pleasure, but Vladimir justifies it as follows:

"We use this filter to attract a specific target audience that girls are interested in. We will immediately block users who abuse the platform for personal gain. We have special protocols in place for this. Our goal is to create a safe and healthy community within TON Dating." — Vladimir Makhov

He's probably right about that. The experience on the platform will definitely be more enjoyable than that of competitors who don't require a paid subscription.

However, girls, we have some good news for you: you can use TON Dating for free. However, there is one condition: be honest and don't seek personal gain. Let's explain how to register for TON Dating and start earning cryptocurrency while meeting people.

How to Register for Ton Dating

Registering for Ton Dating is easy, as the service is integrated with Telegram. Simply switch to the Ton Dating bot to get started.

Click “Apply for Membership" and launch the bot.

Next, create your profile by clicking “Create Profile". Ton Dating will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire about yourself and provide:

  • Your name
  • A brief description of yourself
  • A link to a very popular and (in Russia) banned social network 
  • Your birthday
  • The city you live in
  • Your gender

After you have provided all the necessary information about yourself, you will need to upload three additional photos. Please make sure that these are your own photos and not those of other people, as they will be required for verification purposes.

You've added photos (which hopefully show your chocolate side) - great! You're almost there. Click "Continue" and go through profile verification. This will help the service to make sure that you're not a fake account or a bot.

To register on TON Dating, please click "Start" and the camera will open. All you need to do is smile and send a selfie for verification. That's it! Simple, right? And in order to monetize your time on the service, follow the instructions below.  

How to make money on Ton Dating?

TON Dating users can earn Toncoin cryptocurrency for various types of activity in the app:

  • inviting new users
  • receiving likes
  • matching with potential partners

Earned Toncoin can be transferred to your personal TON or Telegram wallet.

“Both!” perhaps this is the answer to the question “Love or money?”. However, before investing any money in TON Dating or any other project, it's important to do your research and weigh the pros and cons. Remember that even if a project has famous names behind it, it can still be a scam. Take your time to evaluate the project's potential before taking any action.

The project's future

$100,000 was invested in the development of the TON Dating service. It is expected that in three years, the service will attract a significant number of users from Telegram and the TON network, with the aim of reaching more than one million monthly active users by 2027. However, it is too early to tell whether the service will meet all expectations.


TON Dating offers a unique approach to online dating by combining the possibility of earning rewards with the opportunity to find love (or just friends). Thanks to strict verification measures and a paid subscription, the user base is likely to be more trustworthy than in other services. However, the high costs associated with TON Dating may deter some users, especially if the service does not have a large enough user base. For now, we can only continue to watch the project and hope that it gains more popularity and becomes the preferred dating platform for Telegram users.

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