What Is Tap Fantasy and How to Play It?

What Is Tap Fantasy and How to Play It?


Tap Fantasy is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) on three networks: BSC, SOL, and TON. Let's look at this game on the TON blockchain: how to play it, and why it is so popular.

What is Tap Fantasy?

The TON community heard about the Tap Fantasy game last August 2023, when the project attracted investment from the TON FOUNDATION, and then was implemented by IDO on TONUP. The launch of the project itself in 2023 was possible through joint efforts, participation in the TON exhibition, and closed beta testing of the project.

Tap Fantasy is a free-to-play adventure MMORPG where players can explore Odom's open world, fight monsters and bosses, engage in PvP battles, and earn crypto tokens and NFTs. It is developed using HTML5, allowing players to access the game directly through web browsers or wallets. As rewards, you can get NFT, $TON, and $MC, MAGIC CRYSTAL, the main token of the project.

From regular games that run on blockchains like SOL or BSC (Tap Fantasy is also on these blockchains), Tap Fantasy on TON differs in its gameplay built into Telegram. It’s like with Notcoin: you don’t need to go anywhere, just click on the link, launch the bot, start playing, and get rewards! You are wonderful! Or not? Do to play Tap Fantasy? Let’s figure it out!

How to Play Tap Fantasy?

Gameplay and Mechanics

To start playing, you can immediately get into the game using this link. Or you can find a bot here, on the official website. 

Next, we permit the bot to send us messages, then we link the wallet where we will transfer our rewards, view bonus balances, and start playing by clicking Play Game in the bot menu.

Important note: We do not recommend linking your main wallet to projects whose reliability is questionable. For such cases, using the second wallet with no funds is better.

Further actions are quite simple: you choose a male or female character, come up with a name for him, and then, at the starting location, your adventure begins.

Like Notcoin, here you need to poke at the screen, however, unlike the same “Notcoin-poke”, Tap Fantasy can be played on a PC in Telegram, and not just through a smartphone, and you need to poke at the screen to pave the way for your hero path. Poking in one place works during battles, but when you need to go somewhere, you need to “beat the path” to the right place.

Overall, to get started you will need some basic information about the game. The most important steps in Tap Fantasy:

  • Character Creation: Players create their adventurer character and explore the various regions of Odom to recruit heroes from 15 unique classes, from Blademaster to Warlocks.
  • Battles and Adventures: Players use their heroes to battle monsters in PvE adventures, earning resources, equipment, and food.
  • Hero Management: Food is necessary to level up heroes, and better food provides greater experience gains. Equipment strengthens heroes and can be upgraded or combined for greater strength

At the time of analyzing the gameplay, this is the main thing that can be highlighted in the game. Leveling up goes quickly, but sections such as “Trade”, “Character”, “Grow” (apparently the Russian translation of the game was a little disappointing, and they meant leveling up or something like that), and “Club” open later, when you’ll go through a little more locations.

You can earn money by selling items that you receive during the game. This option opens when you reach a certain level. Interestingly, the game also has the so-called “Roulette”, which function opens at a more distant location. Don't pay attention if you don't find this exact name in the game, because the Russian adaptation of the game is very strange, so you have to poke at random - maybe you'll find what you're looking for. So, “Roulette” allows you to spin the wheel to receive rewards (smells like a casino), including tokens, NFTs, clothes, food, and other things. Everything “farmed” can be sold in the store.

When the “Trade” tab opens, you can sell your items and receive the game’s native token $MC, which can later be exchanged for $TON. To withdraw $MC to your wallet, go to the Tap Fantasy bot, then to the My Wallet bot tab, then to the MC section, and finally click Withdraw.

Regarding NFTs, they can also be purchased through a wallet in the game bot, but also directly through the game itself. In the game, click on the colorful diamonds in the upper right corner and select NFT. You will be able to either buy them or add them from your wallet.

The game is developing to this day: new activities are regularly added and new mechanics appear.

What Was It Like Playing a Fantasy Clicker?

At first, the game, like any of the free ones, initially gives you a bunch of opportunities and goodies: you develop quickly, leveling up takes a couple of seconds, chests fly into your hands at every step, enemies crumble from your blows, and so on. However, over time you are given less and less opportunities, and if you are already addicted to the quick and easy passage, it will be quite difficult.

Yes, of course, if you top up your account in the game, buy upgrades, and send donations for any activities, you can easily do without the dopamine hole, but this is no longer so interesting. Yes, and you need to invest money, and in cryptocurrencies, this is a dangerous activity.

In general, if you don’t expect anything from the game, then you can safely while away the time there, but the rewards that were promised (NFT, platform tokens, $TON tokens) have not yet been presented, and we couldn’t even look at our level, since The character stat was still locked. You can top up your balance (add more coins, so to speak) and unblock everything perfectly and quickly, but the risks don’t seem justified yet.

Why Is Tap Fantasy so Popular?

Tap Fantasy has gained significant popularity in the crypto-gaming community due to several key factors:

  1. The Play-2-Earn model: Tap Fantasy allows players to earn cryptocurrency tokens and NFTs through in-game activities such as fighting monsters, participating in PvP arenas, and trading in-game assets.
  2. MMORPG Gameplay: As a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Tap Fantasy offers an immersive open-world experience where players can explore the land of Odom, recruit heroes, engage in battles, and engage in various mini-games and challenges.
  3. NFT Integration: Tap Fantasy includes NFTs in skins that grant heroes unique abilities, elemental resistance, and appearance. Players can purchase, upgrade, and sell these NFT skins, adding an element of collectability and rarity to the game.
  4. Built on the TON Network: Built on the TON network, Tap Fantasy uses blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions and decentralized governance using the $MC token. Plus, the game runs inside Telegram, which simplifies the threshold for players who, for example, do not want to download a separate application or sit in a browser.
  5. Free to Earn Game: While Tap Fantasy is a free-to-play game, players have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs through gameplay, making it an attractive option for those interested in a play-to-earn model.
  6. Multichain Support: Tap Fantasy supports multiple blockchain networks, giving players flexibility and accessibility across multiple ecosystems.
  7. Roadmap and Development: Tap Fantasy has a clearly defined roadmap and has been audited by reputable firms such as CertiK, which gives confidence in the development and security of the project

The official project account in X also collects a lot of comments in support of various activities:

To add to the reasons for its popularity, you can add that the $MC coin can be exchanged for  STON.fi and DeDust.io; the creators of the game have plans to promote and promote the coin. Tap Fantasy also collaborates with many well-known partners, a list of which can be seen below. 

Source and Copyright © Tap Fantasy 

But if you look at the information about the $MC token on the Tap Fantasy website, you will notice no updated data, zero, to be more precise, the roadmap, which should tell us about the team’s plans, ends in the fourth quarter of 2023. In general, quite interesting.

Bottom Line: Is Tap Fantasy Worth Playing? 

In general, the Tap Fantasy game does not evoke any negative emotions; rather, there are slight doubts about investing your money in it, but here, as in any crypto project, there are always risks. The question is whether you are ready to take them on.

The game is a popular Play-2-Earn mechanism, including simple “poke” mechanics, battles, character leveling, as well as the purchase and sale of various goods in the internal marketplace. Rewards are available for players who level up and play a lot and often, so, in about one approach, we still haven’t achieved at least an attempt to win anything valuable, but we think that if you also further stimulate the game with donations, everything will go faster.

Please do not take this as a call to invest in the game on our behalf. We never encourage our readers to do anything with their assets other than to manage wisely and adequately assess the risks of any project.

So, returning to the game, simple mechanics, bright locations, allies, and additional activities after increasing levels, all seem attractive, and if you also take into account the game directly in your Telegram, it’s a fairy tale. But you should be careful with any games, even the most transparent ones at first glance.

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