What is Nyan Heroes? A Shooter-style Game on Solana

What is Nyan Heroes? A Shooter-style Game on Solana


Nyan Heroes is a first-person shooter developed on the Solana blockchain, where players control small, fluffy cats piloting giant robots equipped with an array of weapons and abilities for strategic combat.

What Is Nyan Heroes?

Nyan Heroes is a shooter game developed on the Solana blockchain, where players control small, fluffy cats piloting giant robots equipped with an array of weapons and abilities for strategic combat. The game unfolds in the fictional world of New Nekovia.

The project was developed by 9 Lives Interactive, a Singapore-based game studio that has recently raised $3 million to facilitate a global launch. Unlike traditional video games, Nyan Heroes integrates blockchain technology to provide players with true ownership of in-game assets. This feature enables users to trade and profit from their rewards and materials outside the game. 

Nyan Heroes is primarily a PC game available on Steam and allows players to manage their accounts online for broader connectivity. Following its launch in pre-alpha in March on the Epic Games Store, the game quickly became a hit, ranking among the top 5 with over 200,000 downloads and creating a robust fanbase.

In addition, "Nyan Heroes" commits to social good - the studio pledges a donation to global cat charities with every download.  The game has a mission to save 1 billion cats from euthanasia. A portion of each NFT sale is dedicated to supporting animal shelters. To date, the game has contributed $350,000 towards these efforts.

Game Overview

Nyan Heroes is a captivating third-person hero shooter, placed in a post-apocalyptic world, combining lo-fi and cyberpunk aesthetics. This game is free to play where intelligent cats control powerful mechs known as Guardians within a battle royale arena.

Players deeply engage with the game's economy, earning tokens by completing tasks, winning battles, and advancing through adventure mode. The game allows players to create new Nyans, clone their Guardian Robots, collect rare weapons and skins, and trade these as NFTs within the game's marketplace.

Nyan Heroes Gameplay 

In the current pre-alpha demo, players have the choice among four hero types, from a stealthy assassin to a sturdy tank, each equipped with four unique abilities like quick dashes, deploying turrets, or launching artillery barrages. The game sets players into two teams, each with specific objectives like capturing points or defending areas. The team completing their objectives first wins the round.

The game's dynamic movement and combat systems are heightened by the cats’ supercharged, agile movements, allowing them to scale buildings and navigate battlefields quickly, which adds both excitement and strategic depth. Players can switch between controlling the Guardian mechs and their cat pilots. Should a mech be destroyed, the cat pilot can continue the fight with their unique skills, which may turn the tide of battle.

Each character in Nyan Heroes possesses a distinct identity and playstyle, marked by special abilities, which allows players to select heroes that match their strategic preferences. While each Guardian's core identity is fixed, players can customize their mechs with various weapons and modifications. These mods can be gathered and crafted during gameplay, providing a wide array of strategic options. The effectiveness of each mod depends on how players utilize them, rather than on inherent strength.

Nyan Heroes NFT Collection

Nyan Heroes presents a unique assortment of 11,111 NFTs, each representing the game's cats and mechs. These NFTs are categorized into different classes—common, rare, and legendary—with the rarer ones commanding higher market values.
Currently, the starting price for these NFTs is around $150, and they have shown strong performance in the market recently. Beyond their investment potential, owning a Nyan Heroes NFT also grants access to early game testing sessions.

Nyan Heroes Marketplace 

The marketplace serves as a platform where players can exchange all necessary assets for Guardian Battles. It offers a wide range of tradeable items, including mechs, cats, and various other game assets. Additionally, the marketplace provides an assortment of consumables and raw materials, which players can purchase to enhance their characters. For those looking to experiment before committing to a purchase, there is also an option to temporarily rent equipment.

Nyan Heroes Tokens

The Nyan Heroes NYAN token was introduced on May 21, launching on the centralized exchange Bybit and several other platforms. Players who participated in the game's play-to-airdrop campaigns have the opportunity to claim NYAN tokens. These players accumulated MEOW and CATNIP points either by playing the game or by engaging on social media, which now entitle them to a share of NYAN tokens.

Despite the introduction of a token, interacting with cryptocurrency is not a requirement to play Nyan Heroes. However, for those interested, NYAN tokens can be used to enhance in-game assets, unlocking access to NFT-gated rewards. These tokens are also utilized for paying marketplace transaction fees, renting game assets, covering competition entry fees, and serving as a governance token.

9 Lives Interactive has also announced that players will be able to stake their tokens to gain additional rewards and privileges, although not all these features are available at the time of this writing.


CATNIP serves as a virtual game currency with a stable value, distinct from blockchain currencies as its price does not fluctuate based on market speculation and it is not tradable outside the game. CATNIP is used for purchasing in-game items such as skins and loot boxes, and it enables players to unlock characters and special perks, including advanced feline movement capabilities.

Is Nyan Heroes Worth Try?

The Nyan Heroes is becoming a favored choice for web3 gaming investors in summer 2024. It has quickly earned a substantial following, with many optimistic and bullish posts about it flooding crypto social media. Additionally, exchanges such as Poloniex highlight NYAN as one of their most trending coins. However, it is essential to remember that Nyan Heroes, the associated game, is still in its preliminary stages and has not yet undergone a public beta test. Thus, very few people have had the opportunity to play the game or engage with the Nyan Heroes community. If the project fails to successfully launch its game, there is a risk that the NYAN tokens and Nyan Heroes NFTs might lose much of their value. Therefore, investors should be cautious not to invest beyond what they can afford to lose and should keep a close watch on market conditions.

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