Is Povel Durev a Scam? Reviews, Opinions and DYOR

Is Povel Durev a Scam? Reviews, Opinions and DYOR


A new memecoin in the TON network, created by Ruslan Sokolovsky, made a splash among the crypto community. Is it a scam or not? Let's find out!

The satirical reference to the founder of Telegram and TON Wallet turned out to be so popular that a month after its launch, the capitalization of the $DUREV memecoin reached $7.164 million! It is also traded on the decentralized exchanges DeDust and StonFi and the popular telegram bots xRocket and XCrypto.

For the first time, blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky spoke about the launch of the Povel Durev project on March 26 on his Telegram channel. He said that he was going to “launch a durev meme coin on TON, similar to jeo boden and tremp in the poorly drawn genre on Solana.”

What kind of project is this, how does it work, what goodies does it promise to its participants and, finally, is it a scam? Let's do a DYOR together and figure out these issues.

Povel Durev Reviews and Opinions: X and Reddit

We decided, as usual, to turn to the audience of X and Reddit to get an idea of ​​the project itself: what people think, how they talk about the project, what mood users have about the development of the project, and what feedback they can provide. 

X Opinions

First, we asked our subscribers in X about the Durev project, and here are the answers we received:

Next, as usual, we decided to dive into the feedback from the X community. Someone calls the project “the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”:

And even “my precious”:

But, it’s interesting that when searching for “povel durev scam,” nothing bad was found, only a post in response to Notcoin’s publication that “Notcoin is a scam, but you should buy Durev”:

Intriguingly, the project doesn't have any bad reviews on X, but there's a Reddit study ahead.

Reddit Opinions

So, when we went to Reddit and entered the data we needed into the search bar... we didn’t find anything like that. More than two posts, and that’s about the listing of the $DUREV coin.

Source and Copyright © Reddit 

This is not what we expected from a hype project from blogger Sokolovsky, but apparently, the Reddit community has not yet heard enough about Povel Durev.

So, for this part of the study, we give the project the following score on the Scamometer scale:

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

The Povel Durev project has the following social networks active: X, a Telegram channel, and also a website.

Account X has almost 5.5k followers and 200 posts. It is quite active, transmitting the latest news and updates about the project, as well as reporting on sales and various giveaways. Each post averages 50-100 likes, 12 reposts, and 10 comments. The account was created in March 2024, which explains such a small number of subscribers.

The Povel Durov Telegram channel is gaining momentum faster: there are more than 21k subscribers, as well as comprehensive information about the project: news, listings, the number of tokens sold, various promotions, and activities in support of a particular person or news outlet. One of the disadvantages, in our opinion, is the lack of comments, but there are quite a lot of reactions. 

As for the official website, it looks like a typical memecoin website in the style of $SPONGE or $WIF.

Source and Copyright © Durev

The site has almost everything you need for a meme project: description, memes, and a section on how to buy. There is a missing section about the team and any official papers, like on the MemeFi Coin website, for example, but that’s why it’s a memproject, so as not to share any important technical documents. However, a cool example was from dogwifhat, who directly said that the project was a meme, there was no usefulness, and the price would depend on the mood of the community.

Well, we will no longer compare Durev with other projects, let’s return to its website. We were amused by the images and memes on the site, as well as the errors made in the text of the project description.

Source and Copyright © Durev

It’s clear that everything was done on purpose, but that’s why it looks fresh and funny. For this move we give the creators the following firm rating:

Povel Durev Founders and Investors

So, the founder of Povel Durev is blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky, previously known as “the blogger who caught Pokemon where he shouldn’t.” As we noted earlier, the project was launched almost a month ago, and on one of his social networks he told subscribers that he was launching a meme coin about Pavel Durov on TON, and then added that he collected $60 thousand in three hours at the presale:

Source and Copyright © Ruslan Sokolovsky

In his personal Telegram channel, the blogger shared how he collected money for the presale, asked users to vote for or against certain decisions, collected feedback, and shared launch failures, as well as plans for the project.

Interesting fact from the failures: one of the project developers put a comma incorrectly and accidentally sent out extra tokens to people who participated in the presale. Thus, the comma became part of the memes of the Povel Durev project.

Source and Copyright © Ruslan Sokolovsky

Among other things, the blogger’s personal Telegram channel has a podcast with a complete overview of the project, including some details about the team. According to Ruslan Sokolovsky, the core of the team are colleagues from the online publication Prometheus created by the blogger (illustrator, editor, editor, advertising manager). It was with them that the blogger began developing the project, and then they were joined by developers, a marketer, and a data analyst. In total, approximately 10 people are involved in the project. In addition to the main team, there are chat moderators and third-party employees who are not needed permanently.

Povel Durev Tokenomics

The tokenomics of the $DUREV token is distributed as follows:

  • 45% to presellers;
  • 45% to the pool;
  • 5% for CEX;
  • 5% rewards for the community.

As such, no usefulness was found on the network. Most likely, at this stage, the token is simply used to support activities and the project itself.

$DUREV Current Price

Source and Copyright © LiveCoinWatch

At the moment, the $DUREV token can be purchased on two exchanges: DEDUST and STON.FI, as well as in the popular telegram bots xRocket and XCrypto.

Source and Copyright © Durev

The price of the $DUREV token is approximately $0.07 per piece, the total circulation is 100 million tokens, and the market capitalization is $6.268 million. The founders write that TON can be exchanged for $DUREV without tax.

Bottom Line: Is Povel Durev a Scam?

Povel Durev is a typical memecoin, but it was created by the famous blogger Sokolovsky. It was amazing to see how the project, which Ruslan said he came up with in five days, developed so quickly and whose market capitalization is now a little over $6 million.

Of course, the project is still very young, it’s too early to draw any conclusions, but at first glance, it seems that this is an ordinary project that can take off and take its position among successful rockets such as $WIF and Hamster Kombat Coin. However, the project may not take off in the same way, and all successful plans may be left somewhere on the pages of social networks. No one guarantees one or another outcome from the project, but the very fact that the founders talk so openly about themselves and the project is a good start for development and media exposure.

As always, we recommend doing a DYOR, because assessing everything from the point of view of a cold head is the best thing you can do when working with cryptocurrency. This review only informs you about projects and their strengths and weaknesses, but the final decision-making points will always be yours. Always test your critical thinking and let no crypto project ever deceive you!


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