What Is Hamster Kombat and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR

What Is Hamster Kombat and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR


Hamster Kombat, another emerging Telegram-based tap-to-earn game, ha garnered 1 million players 11 days following its debut. But does the game worth your attention? Let's find out in our article.

What is Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat is fast-growing "play-to-earn" mobile game available in Telegram. The game officially launched on March 25th, but has already amassed over a million users. The game allows players to manage a virtual cryptocurrency exchange and earn in-game coins, which can subsequently be converted into real tokens for withdrawing earned funds. The gameplays is similar to the popular game Notcoin.

The core game mechanic is simple - a player chooses a cryptocurrency exchange they wish to own and taps on the Hamster located in the middle of the screen to collect profits in the form of in-game coins. The more coins accumulated in the exchange's balance, the higher its level, meaning the player can earn even more coins faster.

Various boosts are available in the game to accelerate earnings, such as increasing tap productivity, raising the energy limit, among others. Furthermore, players can complete special missions to earn additional coins. One of the popular ways to gain more coins is through a referral program, whereby a player receives bonuses for inviting friends to the Hamster Kombat game.

One of the key features of Hamster Kombat is the ability to earn passively. Players can purchase special cards in the "Mine" section, allowing their exchange to continue earning coins even after they exit the game for up to 3 hours.

Hamster Kombat Reviews and Opinions: X and Reddit 

When typing the name of the Hamster Kombat coin into the search bar on platform X, there appears to be a scarcity of detailed opinions or reviews about the project. Observing the comment section under the project's official account on X we see that most comments are uniformly positive, with recurring praises such as "nice project," "great," "good luck," and "love this game". While positive, these comments lack detailed feedback that could guide potential players or help developers improve the game.

However, some users have shared critical insights:

Players have suggested introducing a feature for automatic rewards claiming, akin to what's seen in other games, citing time constraints as a major hurdle for active engagement.

Some are unsure about the game's future, fearing their time spent might not yield long-term benefits.

Issues with the game's counter and inconsistencies in mining profitability have been pointed out as frustrating, alongside significant token losses due to app glitches.

Reddit reviews

There's a lack of detailed discussions or reviews on Reddit, which is typically a popular platform for user feedback for gaming projects.

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

The Telegram channel dedicated to Hamster Kombat was set up on March 14, the game was launched on March 25, and by April, it had attracted over 500,000 active players. This channel is mainly utilized for sharing announcements and doesn't much facilitate discussions or feedback from the team behind the game.

The project's account on X has attracted over 230,000 followers. However, the comment section under this account is mostly filled with spam messages, and it's lacking in interactions or feedback from the project's team. Furthermore, Hamster Kombat does not have its own website, which means there are fewer options available for obtaining comprehensive information or for direct communication with the team, which is also anonymous.

Hamster Kombat Tokenomics: Supply, Allocation, Use Case

A key motivation for players is the forthcoming listing of the game's token on various exchanges. At the conclusion of the gaming season, an actual token will be created and allocated among the players according to their in-game earnings. This provides a pathway for turning virtual game assets into tangible digital currency. This opens up the opportunity to convert virtual game assets into real digital currency.

Bottom Line: Is Hamster Kombat a Scam or Not?

Hamster is gaining popularity in the tap-to-earn gaming genre. Unlike some games that tackle real-world issues with complex missions or advanced technology, Hamster is designed purely for entertainment, similar to its counterpart, Notcoin. It does not feature a website, roadmap, or whitepaper, and the identity of its development team remains undisclosed.

Notcoin has been developing in the same scenario and it still not known whether the project is viable or not.  However, Hamster is just a game for fun and does not require any financial investment. So, our opinion is that as long as it continues to be just an entertaining activity, then it's worth trying out. Our team views this project as having a moderate risk level.


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