What Is Capybara and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR

What Is Capybara and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR


It appears that Telegram clicker games are emerging as a new trend in the play-to-earn crypto sector. Following the viral success of Notcoin, here comes another tap-to-earn game that is quickly gaining traction – Capybara.

What is the Capybara Game?

Capybara is a click-to-earn project on the Sui blockchain, inspired by the South-American animal capybara. This Telegram mini-game offers a simple and engaging gameplay where players earn coins by interacting with a virtual Capybara.

In this game, players are required to tap on their phone’s screen to feed the Capybara, earning a coin with each tap.  Additionally, players are encouraged to log in daily to utilize free daily boosters, with three activations available each day to maximize their earnings.

Beyond just tapping, there are several ways to boost your coin count:

Onboarding Tasks: Players can watch short tutorials about the Sui blockchain and the Capybara game to earn coins.
Social Tasks: Joining the community on social media and promoting the game can also yield coins.

Sui On-chain Tasks: Engaging with the Sui blockchain activities provides opportunities to earn substantial bonuses.

Daily Tasks: Checking in and completing tasks each day ensures players don't miss out on potential earnings.

Players can also increase their earnings by inviting friends to join the game. Each referral that completes at least one task earns the player 100,000 coins.

The game categorizes players into five Leagues based on the coins they have earned. Each League—from the lowest, "Famished", upwards—features its own Leaderboard that ranks players by their coin earnings. Advancing to a higher League garners players one-time bonuses, intensifying the competitive aspect.

Source & Copyright: Capybara.vip

Players have the option to create or join Teams. Any public channel or chat on Telegram can serve as a Team. Each portion of food fed to a Capybara by a team member earns the entire team a matching number of coins. Teams not only compete against each other on the Teams leaderboard but also feature internal leaderboards ranking players by coins earned.

Capybara Reviews and Opinions: X and Reddit 

No reviews have been found on Reddit about the project. On TЧ, there are only a few comments about the game, with some users inviting others to try this new game. However, several negative comments have been noted, mainly pointing out that the game is slow and laggy at the moment. 

Common feedback includes complaints about the game's laggy performance and a slow interface. Users have expressed that the game is very slow and not functioning well, with a poor interface that needs significant improvement to match the speed of the Sui network.

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

The website for the game is simple, providing basic information about the gameplay and game rules, along with links to their social media profiles. 

The game's X account has around 66,000 followers, but features only a single post depicting a capybara, dated April 10th. The comment section under this post is predominantly filled with spam.

Similarly, their Telegram channel mirrors the content from their Twitter, containing just one message. Despite this, the channel has nearly 80,000 followers.

Founders and Investors of the Capybara

The team behind the project is anonymous, however, the project is supported by Eman Abio, the co-founder of Sui Network as evidenced by his recent post on X where he mentions the game. 

Final Verdict 

The Capybara project is relatively new to the crypto sector, making it too early to draw definitive conclusions about its legitimacy. However, there are several aspects we can consider for preliminary analysis.

The project appears to have been developed to support the Sui Blockchain, as indicated by game features designed to enhance user engagement with the Sui ecosystem. This association with the Sui team lends some credibility to the project.

Like many other clicker games, Capybara does not have a token, roadmap, or whitepaper, and the identity of its development team has not been disclosed. This game shares many similarities with other clicker games we have analyzed, so our verdict will be similar.

Capybara is primarily designed for entertainment and does not require any financial investment. Therefore, our view is that participation in this game is acceptable as long as it remains a leisure activity without significant financial commitments. We assess this project as carrying a moderate risk level.

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