What Is AiDoge (AI) and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions and DYOR

What Is AiDoge (AI) and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions and DYOR


Can a robot make you laugh? Would you trust it to create and manage meme trends? AiDoge is a hodgepodge of current market trends: memes, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. The project, which entices with the possibility of generating unique memes with the help of AI, has rapidly burst into the market, but has already caused controversy and heated debates among participants. In this article, we debunk the new project.

AiDoge (AI) Reviews and Opinions: Reddit and X

The problems with the AiDoge (AI) project started within the community. When searching for the AiDoge (AI), the user firstly comes across the official website of the crypto project with a similar name:

We, like any crypto enthusiast, are lost in speculation. Is it the same project or two different ones?

Reddit users have started a discussion in an attempt to clarify the situation. As it turns out, the token has many fake sites, which is already a red flag.

Source and Copyright © Post on Reddit 

This user claims that the project we are considering is a scam, and the real one is the one that works on the Arbitrum network, i.e. ArbDoge.Ai. In the comments, most of the respondents are also sure that AiDoge (AI) is a scam.

Source and Copyright © Post on Reddit

In fact, the comments also stated that ArbDoge.AI and AiDoge are two different projects.

One can understand why there is such confusion. The projects are not only similar in names, but also in design. This can be easily seen on their official X pages:

Source and Copyright © ArbDoge.AI and AiDoge

The ArbDoge.AI account description says that the project has only two ecosystem tokens with tickers $AIDOGE and $AICODE. And not a word about the AiDoge token with ticker $AI. There is no doubt that ArbDoge.AI and AiDoge are two different projects.

In that case, should we review both projects at the same time? The author's first thought was yes! But if you think about it, there are too many mysteries surrounding the AiDoge project, the main one being the mixing up of the project in question with ArbDoge.AI. Therefore, our task is not only to expose AiDoge, but also to try to convey the following to the crypto community: AiDoge and ArbDoge.AI are two different projects. Whether one of them is a scam or both of them are trying to mislead investors is a question of a separate article and an in-depth analysis on its own.

We asked you on X about AiDoge, and here's what you said:

To summarize the paragraph of community members' opinions, here is one more vivid comment, coming from X. This user warns that the project we are considering, i.e. AiDoge, has already rugpulled in the past:

Source and Copyright © Post on X

Well, in that case:

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

Platform X Telegram Discord
Followers 28,1K 16,6K 413
Comments 20-24 per post
Reports 60-90 per post
Engagement low low low
Community low low low

Back in a detailed comment by a Reddit user, the official website of the project we are considering was mentioned with the address aidoge.com. On the official page of AiDoge on X we can find a link to the official site, but it is absent in Google search. It is a stylishly designed site with simple navigation, offering us to learn the essence of the project and buy $AI tokens.

So, the AiDoge platform offers a simplified experience of creating AI-based memes. And the $AI token is needed for credits a.k.a. the number of meme generation attempts. Clear and simple, but too poorly done. Well, we will talk about the purpose of the token a little later.

Overall, the meager social media presence and community interaction is suspicious. A new red flag or more of an alarm bell deafeningly alerting us to scam?

Founders and Investors of AiDoge (AI)

On the Internet, you will not find information about the founders and investors of the AiDoge project. Many people may not pay enough attention to this factor, thinking that this is due to the fact that the AiDoge project is new to the market. Besides, the team's decision to remain anonymous is a common practice among meme coin projects. We will only say that the lack of information about the project team is not necessarily a scam, but a serious red flag.

You may agree that potential investors will often favor those projects that raise fewer questions. Trust and transparency are not empty words in the crypto space. How should investors show trust in a project when the team itself seems to lack trust in its community by remaining anonymous? It's important to know the team of any project for a variety of reasons. And if not so much because of trust, but because of the ease of evaluation of the project by the investors themselves, increasing the popularity of the project, and strengthening the community as a whole.

AiDoge (AI) Tokenomics: Supply, Allocation, Use Case

After the start of the $AI token presale, the team managed to raise $1 million dollars in a week. The impressive result shows the increased interest of the community. The idea of creating AI-based memes is attractive as the trend for artificial intelligence products as well as the hype around meme coins continues. Presale is divided into 20 stages and is still ongoing.

The total number of $AI is 1 trillion coins and the presale is limited to 50% coins. Users can purchase coins using ETH, USDT, BNB or credit card.

According to the project roadmap, the AI-powered meme generation platform will not fully launch until the first quarter of 2024. The $AI is an important component in the AiDoge ecosystem and serves to purchase credits to be able to generate more memes. The $AI token can be used for staking and voting for memes. Platform users can also get tokens for their level of popularity on the platform.

Another 12.5% of tokens will be allocated for team vesting. This process will be spread over 10 years. Another 12.5% of tokens will be sent to the reserve. The same amount will be allocated to community reward programs. And another 12.5% will be allocated to liquidity and exchange listings.

The tokenomics of AiDoge seems transparent, but we wonder how the creators of the project will maintain token interest in the future, when the trend for AI and meme coins subsides. We do not claim that this will necessarily happen. However, we cannot rule out such a risk.

AiDoge (AI) Current Price and Price History

The $AI token is in the presale stage, so it would be difficult for us to evaluate the project for scam at this point. However, it is not impossible. At the time of this article's preparation, the price of AiDoge was $0.00000283. The price is set by the project team itself, despite the fact that the token is listed on three other exchanges at $0.00000269. The 24-hour volume of circulation on the exchanges is negligible, but this is due to the relative novelty of the token.

Source and Copyright © AiDoge

Bottom Line: Is AiDoge (AI) a Scam or Not?

Initially, the project raised many questions, from similarities with another meme coin to alarmed user reports claiming fraud. Yes, the idea of creating a common platform for generating memes based on AI and utilizing blockchain technology sounds enticing and unique, despite its simplicity. The project could really take a shot at completely redefining the culture of meme creation. This is evidenced by the existing increased interest in the $AI native token: the project raised $1 million in its first week of presale. But if you dig deeper, you realize that the project will exist as long as the topics of AI and meme coins remain at the top of trends. And as we know, trends are a fleeting phenomenon. Even if the team can keep AiDoge afloat, the native token will be dangerously close to zero value.

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