What Is FC Barcelona Fan Token, and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions and DYOR

What Is FC Barcelona Fan Token, and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions and DYOR


FC Barcelona Fan Token is a popular project that combines the football fandom of one of the most popular and significant FC, Barcelona, and crypto. Is this project legit, or do founders just want to get money from people obsessed with the club? Let's figure it out.

Are you a football fan of FC Barcelona? Wanna be closer to your icons?

An FC Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR) is a digital asset that allows fans of FC Barcelona to engage in various club-related activities and brings them closer to the club through exclusive content and rewards. These tokens are based on blockchain technology and are created through partnerships between FC Barcelona and the blockchain company Chiliz

But is everything so transparent, official, and reliable? 

FC Barcelona Fan Reviews and Opinions: Reddit and X

Let's start with the most honest thing — the people’s opinion.

To begin with, we decided to ask Cryptonica subscribers in X what they think about the FC Barcelona Fan project.

Only a few people participated in the survey (almost nobody, which is quite strange for a football-crypto topic project), but from its results, it became clear that crypto enthusiasts do not consider the project a scam.

Let's enter the FC Barcelona Fan project into the search bar of a social network. We will find posts about FC, token placement on the exchanges, news about the project, and collaboration launch. However, most of the posts were published in 2020-2022. No recent posts about the project were detected, at least, in the top results (besides our poll about it). 

Another interesting post was related to other projects made by Chiliz in collaboration with other FCs, like Manchester City, for example. The people in the comments shared their fears about Chiliz Collabs and straightly commented on the projects by Chiliz as scammed ones. 

While searching for publications about the project on Reddit, we came across several relevant publications about FC Barcelona and the question of whether the project is worth investors’ attention. 

“It’s a way for a failing club to try and pay the bills,” one of the commenters said. 

Source and Copyright © Reddit 

“...Crypto is entering with strength in football and that is bullish news,” said another one. 

Source and Copyright © Reddit 

Interestingly, another thread claimed that FC Barcelona wants to issue their tokens independently. 

“Well, it's pretty simple and they want to make more money and be independent. For me, it sounds like a token that can be used as a currency e.g. For merchandise, beer at the stadium, and probably for metaverse et cetera.” Here’s the screenshot:

Source and Copyright © Reddit 

Also one of the users decided to ask people about the investing in club’s token. He/she said that there are no clear answers about any of the project’s usage. Here’s the publication:

Source and Copyright © Reddit

As a result, users from X and Reddit were divided into two camps, but we still see the prevailing opinion that FC Barcelona Fan Token is barely a scam but has a doubtful image. Therefore, we give him the following rating:

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

Platform X Facebook Instagram Telegram YouTube Discord LinkedIn Weibo
Subscribers 485,7k  10k 25,8k 21k 18,4k 34k 16k 4,6k
Comments 20-50 comments per post on Average 50 comments per post on Average 5-10 comments per post on Average active chat discussion 10 comments per video on Average active chat discussion 2-5 comments per post on Average  5-10 comments per post on Average
Reposts 100-200 reposts on Average 20-50 reposts on Average ------ ------ ------ ------ 20 reposts on Average  5 reposts on Average
Engagement high high medium medium low medium low-medium low-medium
Community Power 4,5 from 5 4 from 5 3 from 5 3,5 from 5 2 from 5 3,5 from 5 3 from 5 3 from 5

It is important to know that the project FB Barcelona Fan Token doesn’t have a personal page. Thus, we’re reviewing a Chiliz project socials, because they also show people’s opinions, but in general for the platform that creates clubs’ collaborations with crypto. 

The project’s social networks are partially active, and partially not. For example, the X, Facebook, LinkedIn, and messengers (Telegram and Discord) are great. People communicate there, share their opinions, and make reposts. What is interesting, people are discussing issues with the platform, projects of the platform, and other things. Simultaneously, there are only a few replies from the company, which is quite strange. 

As for the site, it’s full of useful and relevant information, which is good for potential clients. However, it would be nice to see every single collaboration with the clubs to understand the success, results, and other important issues. 

Source and Copyright © Chiliz 

What’s more interesting, you can find the general information about FAN Tokens, which include $BAR, at the Socios website. There you will be introduced to the relevant issues for investing in FAN Tokens, and you might also notice the legitimacy of the tokens. 

Source and Copyright © Socios 

As a result, the project shares information, and maintains social networks and channels for discussions. The most interesting and relevant information and involvement of users were in social networks and messengers. We set the project:

Founders of FC Barcelona Fan Token 

FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR) was launched on June 22, 2020, through the Chiliz platform, in cooperation with Socios.com.

As for the investors and founders, the information from the search results does not explicitly mention the specific individuals or organizations who are the founders or investors of the FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR) itself. 

Thus, as with the socials, we may refer to the founders of Chiliz, why not? 

The founder of Chiliz is Alexandre Dreyfus, who is also the current CEO of the company, and CEO of the Socios Company too. Chiliz is a unit of the Malta-based Mediarex Group, a global sports and entertainment organization founded in 2006. The company operates a fan token exchange called chiliz.net and a fan engagement platform called Socios.com. Chiliz and Socios.com are subsidiaries of the Mediarex Group. In 2018, Chiliz raised over $66 million through private placement. 

Source and Copyright © Chiliz 

Thus, for this part of the research. We can mark the project with the following rate:

FC Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR) Tokenomics: Supply, Allocation, Use Case

The FC Barcelona Fan Tokens are based on blockchain technology and are minted on the Chiliz blockchain, with ownership permanently recorded on the blockchain. The $BAR token is a utility token on the Chiliz Chain, a Proof-of-Authority sidechain built on Ethereum, and it is mainly used for governance, allowing $BAR holders to vote on various contract-binding "fan decisions" and interact with the Socios platform. The more active a fan is, the better their chance to get VIP perks like signed memorabilia earmarked for token-holding fans.

The tokens can be purchased using the in-app cryptocurrency $CHZ, which can be bought using a debit or credit card and exchanged for $BAR Fan Tokens on the Chiliz exchange. 

The FC Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR) has a total token supply of 40,000,000, of which about 600,000 were initially distributed to club fans via a Fan Token Offering. The remaining tokens are held by Barcelona and can be acquired by participating in community events or by purchasing directly on exchanges. The $BAR tokens held by Barcelona have a monthly linear vesting schedule of 6 years.

$BAR Tokens enable fans to participate in various club-related activities, enjoy exclusive content, and access VIP experiences, such as interactive polls, games, competitions, and rewards. The $BAR Fan Token also allows fans to impact team policy through their active participation. The token also serves as a membership key that allows users to compete for exclusive rewards, club recognition, and more. $BAR token holders can vote via smart contract on various "fan decision" polls published by Barcelona, and the club is contractually bound to act according to the poll results. 

Source and Copyright © Socios 

The tokenomics of $BAR include a circulating supply of approximately 5,404,061 tokens, with the remaining tokens being obtainable through community events via the Binance Launchpool or by purchasing directly on exchanges. 

In summary, the FC Barcelona Fan Token has a total token supply of 40,000,000, with a portion initially distributed to fans and the remaining tokens held by Barcelona. The token offers real-world utility, governance capabilities, and the opportunity for fans to compete for exclusive rewards and club recognition. The BAR token is primarily used for fan engagement and interaction with the Socios platform, and its price and market cap can fluctuate based on market conditions.

For now, the mark for this part of the research is the following:

FC Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR) Current Price and Price History

Source and Copyright © Trading View 

The current price of the FC Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR) is approximately $2.51 to $2.57, with a 24-hour trading volume of around $23,042 to $25,336,121. The token has a circulating supply of approximately 11,179,515 $BAR out of a total supply of 40,000,000 $BAR. The market cap of the FC Barcelona Fan Token is approximately $26,350,256 to $28,267,520. 

The highest price ever paid for the token was $72.55 in April 2021, while the lowest price was $2.05 in October 2023. The fully diluted market cap of the token is $94,280,498. 

Our verdict for this:

Bottom Line: Is FC Barcelona Fan Token a Scam or Not?

While working on the text, we, like crypto enthusiasts, had different opinions regarding whether Lucky Block is a scam or not. However, every single website, official statement, or media article claims that this is a legitimate digital asset created through a partnership between FC Barcelona and the blockchain company Chiliz. The token is based on blockchain technology and is designed to allow fans of FC Barcelona to engage in various club-related activities, enjoy exclusive content, and participate in VIP experiences. 

Of course, it shouldn’t be counted as a scam then, after all these pros you can find on the internet, you might think. But we have another opinion. FC Barcelona Fan Token is another crypto project, firstly. As with any crypto project, it has pros and cons, and it’s inevitable. Even the legitimacy of the project can be doubted by people, who have negative experiences with the $BAR token. And that’s ok because this is how life goes. 

That is why, we won’t make any conclusions-conclusions, and just give you the pros and cons of the FC Barcelona Fan Token project: 

Pros of FC Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR):

  • Fan Engagement: The token allows fans to engage in various club-related activities, enjoy exclusive content, and participate in VIP experiences, bringing them closer to the club.
  • Ownership and Utility: $BAR tokens are based on blockchain technology, with ownership permanently registered on the blockchain. They offer real-world utility, including NFTs for merchandise, VIP access to stadiums, and matchday tickets.
  • Governance and Impact: Token holders can vote on "fan decision" polls published by Barcelona, and the club is contractually bound to act according to the poll results. This gives fans a tokenized share of influence on club decisions.
  • Community and Rewards: $BAR token holders can enjoy exclusive promotions, entry to a community of fans, and the opportunity to compete for incredible rewards, fostering a sense of community and recognition.

Cons of FC Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR):

  • Limited Use Case: The token's utility is primarily focused on fan engagement and governance within the Socios platform, which may limit its broader use outside of the club's ecosystem.
  • Market Volatility: As with any cryptocurrency, the price of the $BAR token can be subject to market volatility, and its value may fluctuate over time.

Overall, the FC Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR) offers a unique way for fans to interact with the club, enjoy exclusive benefits, and have a say in certain decision-making processes. However, its utility is currently limited to the club's ecosystem, and potential investors should consider the inherent market risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

Our final verdict for FC Barcelona Fan Token:

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