What Is IMPT and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions and DYOR

What Is IMPT and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions and DYOR


IMPT is a blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize the market of carbon offsetting by tokenizing carbon credits. While the project has attracted a lot of attention, there are concerns and criticisms about the success of IMPT. Is it a scam project? Cryptonica decided to find out.

Are you dreaming of reducing your carbon footprint? No, we are not discussing using second-hand clothes and choosing eco-friendly textile brands. It is not even about reducing paper consumption and using recycled sheets or cardboard. We’re about the IMPT project, the one, that claims to be eco-friendly. Let’s see if it can be named so.

IMPT is a project that, according to its creators, allows companies and individuals to reduce CO2 emissions. Users can buy products from partner brands, including Puma, Sephora, AliExpress, etc., receive cashback from the IMPT token, purchase carbon credits, and burn them. For this operation, users will be rewarded with unique eco-themed NFT pictures.

IMPT Reviews and Opinions: Reddit and X

Let's start with the most honest thing — real people’s opinions.

To be honest, before launching a survey on our social network and asking our subscribers about the IMPT project (by the way, follow us on X), we decided to type the name of the project into the search to see what other users wrote about it, and... nothing was found, except for the posts of the company itself. What does this mean? Something wrong. Strangely, such an environmentally important project is not widely heard, especially, when their partner companies include AliExpress, Fila, Guess, etc.

Okay, now let's move on to our audience. Even with a small number of reactions, it became clear that only some people trusted this project. Only one of our subscribers expressed the opinion that this is a good project, while two others expressed doubts and even their suspicions about the uselessness of such an initiative. Well, that’s interesting.

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

As for the company’s official website, which can be found here, at first glance it does not evoke any negative emotions: beautiful design, bright and memorable blocks, an explanation of the project’s mission and features that its participants may like. Everything is too beautiful and complicated, and this raises suspicions. In defense of the IMPT project, their website used to be sparse and less clear. This means that people are working on the project, this is not a one-day page.

If we look at the project’s social networks, we can draw conclusions that are reflected in the table below:

Platform X Facebook Instagram Telegram YouTube
Subscribers/Followers 37,2k 1,9k 9k 12,8k 1,15k
Comments 1-2 comments per post on Average 2-3 comments per post on Average almost zero active discussion in chat 5-10 comments per video on Average
Reposts 5-10 in Average almost zero ------ ------ -----
Engagement low low low medium low
Community Power low low low medium low

In general, if you look at the project’s social networks, we can say that they are designed in the same style, they try to adhere to the brand identity, but the involvement of users, namely active ones, is best displayed in the telegram chat of the project. 

In the X-account, there is not a single mention of the project by third parties, and all publications found in the search belong to the project. Almost the same you can note on Facebook.

The project’s YouTube also does not receive the attention of viewers, since it receives an average of 100-300 views and a total of 343,707 views on the channel; The channel is a little over a year old. 

As for Instagram, the average number of likes on posts on the project account is from 4 to 10, and there are practically no comments.

As a result, subscribers on the project’s social networks are most likely inflated, or these are outdated accounts.

Founders and Investors of IMPT

The founders of IMPT are Denis Creighton and Michael English, who are also the directors of IMPT Shopping. The company secretary is Hugh Phelan. The company AI Tokenomics Limited is the only shareholder in IMPT Shopping. The team has also been fully verified through a Coinsniper KYC audit. However, there is no information available about the investors of IMPT. 

Source & Copyright: © IMPT

IMPT has raised $15.6 million in its presale, attracting $5 million from ESG-conscious investors within the first two weeks. 

IMPT Tokenomics: Supply, Allocation, Use Case

The total supply of IMPT tokens is 3 billion, out of which 10% has already been sold to early adopters. The token distribution of IMPT is as follows: 

  1. 16.30% is allocated to Ecosystem
  2. 5.40% is allocated to Team
  3. 10.90% is allocated to Marketing
  4. 10.90% is allocated to Early Adopters
  5. 21.70% is allocated to Presale 1
  6. 15.30% is allocated to Presale 2
  7. 19.60% is allocated to Company Reserve. 

IMPT tokens can be used to purchase carbon credits on the IMPT marketplace, and users can exchange them for carbon credits through the built-in marketplace. 

The platform also encourages individual users to get involved in carbon credits and reduce their carbon footprint. IMPT tokens are not just used to speculate on the growth of the IMPT ecosystem, but they also play an integral role in how it functions. These tokens serve as IMPT's 'native currency' and are used to buy, sell, and trade carbon credit NFTs. The platform also plans to transition into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the future, meaning IMPT tokens will play a vital role.

IMPT Current Price and Price History

Source & Copyright: © TradingView

The current price of IMPT varies depending on the source, but as of the end of the year 2023, it ranges from $0.0039 to $0.0065. The market capitalization of IMPT is around $5 million, and it has a circulating supply of 1.3 billion IMPT tokens out of a maximum supply of 3 billion. The price of IMPT has fluctuated over time, with a high of $0.0198 in the past and a low of $0.0037. 

It is important to note that cryptocurrency prices can be volatile and subject to change rapidly. It is recommended to conduct thorough research and due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency, including IMPT.

Bottom Line: Is IMPT a Scam or Not?

IMPT is a blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize the market of carbon offsetting by tokenizing carbon credits. 

The very goal of the project seems quite strange: to buy tokens, then burn them and pay for them again, reduce your carbon footprint, exchange tokens for goods from partner stores, participate in the affiliate program... All this is quite strange and, at first glance, meaningless, After all, you can reduce your carbon footprint without blockchain, simply by consciously consuming essential things.

Here are some key points to consider:

Why IMPT might not be a scam:

  1. IMPT is a carbon credit program that connects people with verified environmental projects that address each ton of CO₂ emissions.
  2. IMPT has collaborated with several environmental projects from around the world that are certified by globally recognized regulatory bodies.
  3. IMPT has disclosed the identities of all its team members and has undergone a complete smart contract audit.
  4. IMPT has attracted partnerships with well-known companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Amazon.
  5. IMPT collected $15.6 million during the presale within the first two weeks.

Why IMPT might be a scam:

  1. Some critics have raised concerns about the legitimacy of IMPT, citing issues such as the lack of registration with the FCA and the fact that it is an unregulated investment platform.
  2. IMPT has been promoted by companies like Crypto PR and Finixio, which some critics view as a red flag.
  3. The value of IMPT tokens has decreased since its launch, which some critics view as a sign of a potential scam.

In conclusion, while there is no clear evidence that IMPT is a scam, there are some concerns and criticisms that should be taken into consideration before investing. It is important to conduct thorough research and due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency, including IMPT.

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