What is Venom and How to Get Airdrop?

What is Venom and How to Get Airdrop?


Venom is considered one of the most promising new projects with huge investments. This in-depth guide will explain what it is and how to get an airdrop.

Venom is an innovative blockchain platform developed with user needs in mind. It offers a unique architecture and advanced technologies that ensure high performance and security, making it an ideal for creating decentralized applications.

The Venom Foundation, registered in Abu Dhabi, is a licensed developer of the blockchain platform and has partnered with Iceberg Capital to invest $1 billion in a new venture fund. This demonstrates a high level of trust in the project and highlights its potential for creating new opportunities in the field of blockchain technologies.

The testnet campaign includes tasks, including tasks using Twitter, making participation in the project engaging and interactive. Furthermore, 22% of the tokens are allocated to the community, allowing project participants to have significant influence on the project's development and future successes.

Venom Ecosystem

The Venom Ecosystem is a network of decentralized applications being developed on the Venom blockchain platform. It includes a variety of tools and features that allow users to create, launch, and manage their own applications on the blockchain. The Venom Ecosystem provides fast and reliable application performance, as well as secure storage of data and transactions through the use of advanced technologies and architectural solutions.

As part of the ongoing testnet, we will interact with each of the services and receive collectible NFTs from the project.

Who is the Team behind Venom Network?

The Venom Network team consists of highly qualified professionals in the field of blockchain technology and finance. It brings together experienced developers, consultants, marketers, designers, and other experts who have significant experience in their fields.

In particular, the team includes experienced blockchain platform developers who have in-depth knowledge of developing innovative technologies. These specialists are working on creating and developing a unique architecture and advanced technologies that provide high performance and platform security.

In addition, the Venom Network team includes experienced consultants who help the project develop strategies and development plans. These specialists have significant experience in the field of finance and blockchain technology, which allows them to provide valuable advice and recommendations on project management issues.

Marketing and design also play an important role in the team, with specialists working on creating a unique brand and promoting the project in the market. These specialists have extensive experience in marketing and design and can handle any difficulties related to project promotion.

How to Get Airdrop: Guide to Completing Activities

Disclaimer. Not financial advice. Do your own research. Following these steps doesn't guarantee you an airdrop. Don't risk funds you can't afford to lose.


  1. Go to the website and download the Venom Wallet.
  2. Follow the link to tasks, connect the wallet, Twitter, and subscribe to the Twitter account of the project:

Preparation. Step 2

Source and Copyright © Venom (here and further in this article)

Next, we need to claim 50 VENOM tokens:

Preparation. Step 3

After that, we see tasks that we will perform to test the network:

Preparation. Step 4

Main Guide


  1. Subscribe to Venom Network.
  2. Tweet this message.
  3. Mint NFT:

Main guide. Venom

Venom Wallet

  1. Send several tokens to: 0:077873f1453fa67b0f1ce77f1e806675acd19c4694b9738be61fd406618f2f7a
  2. Mint NFT:

Main guide. Venom Wallet


  1. Follow Web3.World on Twitter.
  2. Go to the website, connect your wallet, and make a swap:

Main guide. Web3.World. Step 2

  1. Minting NFT.

Venom Bridge

  1. Subscribe to Venom Bridge.
  2. Go to the website, connect your wallets, choose the amount of tokens and click Continue (native tokens should be available in the mainnet):

Main guide. Venom Bridge. Step 2

Next, we confirm the transfer twice and click on Release transfer:

Main guide. Venom Bridge. Step 3

  1. We also do the reverse (from BSC to Venom Testnet).
  2. We mint NFTs.

Venom Stake

  1. Go to the website, connect your wallet, enter the amount of tokens you want to stake, and click Stake:

Main guide. Venom Stake. Step 1

  1. Minting NFTs.


  1. Subscribe to Oasis.Gallery.
  2. Go to the website, connect your wallet, and purchase the NFT:

Main guide. Oasis.Gallery. Step 2

  1. Then we go to the MY NFTS section, select the NFT we want to sell, and put it up for sale:

Main guide. Oasis.Gallery. Step 3

  1. Minting NFTs.


  1. Follow VenomPad.
  2. Tweet: "🔥Can’t wait to try the @venompad first launchpad on Venom. Meanwhile participate in #VenomTestnet to explore the @venomfoundation ecosystem. Start here: https://venom.network"
  3. Mint NFTs:

Main Guide. VenomPad

Currently, these are all the available activities, but we can see that activities will gradually appear, so let's bookmark the website and follow the project's social media accounts.

Also, once a day, users can take a quiz and receive 5 Venom tokens in the Get testnet VENOM section:

Main guide. Get testnet VENOM


Activities in the testnet do not require significant financial costs, the only fee is the fee in the BNB network. We recommend not missing activities and completing all available tasks.

Key points

  • It is important to keep an eye on new tasks.
  • Completing tasks does not take much time.
  • It is worth showing activity in the project's social networks.

Good luck!

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