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Binance Suspends Futures Trading

Binance Suspends Futures Trading


Exchange users faced a problem with trading USDT futures.

Exchange users noticed today that they were unable to make transactions with futures. The frozen data of the charts they were watching led them to think about a problem with the servers. Some speculated about an asset freeze. Concerned exchange customers took to X to seek a response from Binance representatives.

CEO Changpeng Zhao immediately responded to users' tweets in his X account, saying that the platform was experiencing technical issues. He added that the development team is already addressing the issue.

Binance's official X account also wrote that the exchange suspended trading in USDT futures until developers resolve the issue. However, trading resumed a couple of minutes later, Binance wrote on its account.

Binance's sudden technical problems have become another headache for the exchange's management. The exchange's U.S. division continues its battle with regulators. In a court filing today, Binance.US called most of the SEC's requests "unreasonable" and "unduly burdensome." The exchange's lawyers pointed to the SEC's lack of solid evidence.

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