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Melon Launches JUICE Campaign Airdrop to Reward Early Supporters

Melon Launches JUICE Campaign Airdrop to Reward Early Supporters


In an effort to reward early backers, Melon, an NFT platform, has unveiled the JUICE Campaign Airdrop. The event centers around the distribution of $MELON tokens, which form the backbone of the Melon Ecosystem.

The JUICE Campaign revolves around the concept of JUICE Points, which serve as a measure of the MELON community members' contributions before the Token Launch. By actively engaging, supporting, and contributing to the Melon community, participants can accumulate JUICE points, which will later be eligible for conversion into $MELON tokens during the airdrop.

The airdrop will take place after the Public Pre-Sale (IDO) event, during which Melon will distribute $MELON tokens fairly based on the total JUICE Points earned by each community member in proportion to the overall JUICE accumulated.

Various activities are available for community members to earn JUICE Points during the campaign, including signing up for the campaign on the Melon website, inviting friends to join, completing Zealy Quests, participating in the Discord community engaging in upcoming selected partner community claims, taking part in special activities/events organized by Melon, and even changing their discord and twitter names. Please read this page for more details. 

Melon's primary focus lies in being an NFT marketplace specializing in Social NFTs, representing the iconic moments of famous creators from social networks. The platform allows creators to mint NFTs of their social content and trade them through Fixed price sales and English auctions, while also providing a secondary marketplace.

Melon offers content creators a straightforward yet powerful platform to mint, manage, and distribute their Content NFTs. By pasting a link from their original content, creators can tokenize their content, including memes and videos, making it accessible as NFTs.

The driving mission behind Melon is to empower the meme economy through collectible content NFTs. Melon team is claimed to be comprised of a group of experienced builders, entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers, boasting decades of combined expertise in influential digital companies and extensive backgrounds in the Crypto and Web3 space.

MELON raised $1M during the pre-seed round led by Shima Capital from various investors including SMO Capital, Baboon VC, Nalu Fund and several angel investors. 

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