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Nahmii 3.0 Testnet Unleashes NFT Incentives

Nahmii 3.0 Testnet Unleashes NFT Incentives


Nahmii, the layer 2 scaling protocol for the Ethereum blockchain, is making significant progress with its Nahmii 3.0 Public Testnet. Early adopters and enthusiasts have have the opportunity to test the platform and experience its functionality, while earning NFT rewards.

Launched in March, the testnet has already processed an impressive 3.5 million transactions across 105,000 wallets, while witnessing over 18,500 contracts deployed.

The Nahmii 3.0 testnet introduces a rolling incentive scheme, allowing participants to receive exclusive NFTs upon completion of various challenges. One such challenge currently underway is the NFT treasure hunt on the testnet. Users can find a detailed guide here

According to Hahmii, these incentives on the testnet are a preview of what participants can anticipate once Nahmii launches its mainnet. Users will receive rewards that are comparable after deployment. The Nahmii team anticipates a combination of rare NFTs and tokens as part of the mainnet incentives.
Nahmii's unique value proposition is claimed to be the ability to provide unmatched throughput, low latency, instant finality, and predictable fees, setting it apart from other scaling solutions. As a layer 2 protocol, Nahmii addresses institutional use cases by enabling developers to adhere to KYC/AML and other regulatory requirements as needed.

The protocol comes with a full set of development tools and works seamlessly with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This makes it easy for developers to switch over and makes it simple to move contracts from Ethereum. The platform supports a diverse range of out-of-the-box solutions, including NFT minting and trading, DeFi exchanges, and NFT-based games.

Nahmii's journey began in 2018 when it introduced Nahmii 1.0, the first layer 2 payment network built on Ethereum. The Nahmii team boasts extensive experience, having previously contributed to Bitcoin's lightning network, Plasma, and a content distribution platform serving an impressive 50 million users daily.

Nahmii's outstanding features distinguish it from other layer 2 platforms. Its state-of-the-art "state pool" technology combines the instant finality of state channels with the pooled security of other layer 2 solutions, ensuring transactions are instantly finalized and secured by Ethereum. Furthermore, Nahmii achieves transaction speeds and low latency comparable to centralized servers—an accomplishment unparalleled by any other layer 2 scaling solution. 

Nahmii raised $8 million in funding round led by DARMA Partners, the general partner for DARMA Capital—an investment fund managed by Ethereum veterans Andrew Keys and James Slazas. Other notable investors include Aligned Capital, CMT Digital, Delta Fund, Fourth Revolution Capital, and Quantstamp.

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